Supercar owner catches kid riding bike on Lamborghini roof

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This is the moment a teenager is caught on camera riding his BIKE on the roof of a Lamborghini.

Cyclist Izzad Adnaff, 15, takes a 30 metre long run-up, hops his bike onto the bonnet at full speed and rolls over the windscreen – which bends with the impact.

Car owner Aaron Rylan, 28, was doing bench presses at the gym when he glanced out of he window and saw the youngster doing a stunt on the roof of the yellow Gallardo.

The businessman raced outside but the teenager and his pals had disappeared – so Aaron checked his dashcam which had been left recording.

Aaron Rylan was furious after catching a teenager riding his BIKE on the roof of his Lamborghini

Aaron Rylan was furious after catching a teenager riding his BIKE on the roof of his Lamborghini

He posted the footage on social media and, incredibly, Izzad’s MUM saw the footage – and dragged her son over to apologise.

Aaron, who runs a building and architecture firm in Singapore, said: ”I couldn’t believe it when I looked out of the window – there was a kid on a bike on the roof of my car.

”I ran outside but they had disappeared but I was calm because I knew the camera would have recorded it.

”But when I watched the video I was furious. Really angry, just like any car owner would be.

”Singapore’s a fairly small country and when I posted the clip online, some of my friends knew him and his mother.

“We soon found out who it was and his mother was not happy. She made him come to meet me to say sorry.”

Aaron bought the new £150,000 supercar eight months ago.swns_lambo_rylan_01The dashcam footage shows the incident happening at 2.06pm on Saturday afternoon.

Aaron posted the footage online at 10pm the same the same day and within hours the lad had been identified.

The teenager’s mum contacted Aaron, who arrange to meet the youngster the next day.

Aaron has declined to press charges and isn’t asking for any compensation from the teenager, despite damage to the roof.

He added: ”When I met Izzad he was very apologetic and said that he had done it after a friend dared him to.

”Boys being boys, he wanted to show off.

”I contacted the police but I’m not pressing charges. The kid has learned his lesson and his mother was angry with him, that’s a big punishment already.”

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