Summer Olympics can learn a lot from their winter brother

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The feel-good factor the London 2012 Olympics Games brought to this country will hopefully never be forgotten.

Memories of Team GB’s gold rush and the incredible achievements of the likes of Usain Bolt and Ryan Lochte are engraved into many people’s minds.

However, the success of the summer Olympics in this country hasn’t stopped people suggesting the ongoing Winter Olympics in Sochi are, overall, better.

Britain's Winter Olympics Skeleton athlete Lizzy Yarnold. The Winter contest produces some stunning events

Britain’s Winter Olympics Skeleton athlete Lizzy Yarnold. The Winter contest produces some stunning events

The ‘slip and slide’ Games, as some have dubbed them, have proven to be a big hit, even with betting fans who are loving the Paddy Power Winter Olympics markets, despite the controversial build-up to the event.

The media in this country might look down on the Winter Olympics as a poor man’s version of the summer Games but it is only because Team GB have far fewer medal hopes.

From a spectators’ point of view some of the events are far more spectacular and mesmerising than those you get at the summer games. The sight of a snowboarder pulling off an outrageous trick amidst the spectacular backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains is a sight to behold.

The bravery and speed of the athletes in some of the events puts some of their warm-weather cousins to shame, particularly those brave enough to tackle the track at the Sanki Sliding Center.

The likes of the downhill skiing and snowboarding’s halfpipe competition should have most people on the edge of their seats as the competitors risk life and limb on a second-by-second basis. You might not understand what is going on in some of the sports but they make up for that with the relentless action. Admittedly not all the events are as gripping, ie. curling, but even that has its tense moments.

The Winter Olympics has the ability to make you think every sport would be better on ice and snow, and while it would be farcical to put Bolt and co on a frozen lake, nature has added to the excitement sport brings to many of us.

So, summer Olympics, in light of the developments in Sochi, how are you planning to raise your game in 2016? By introducing golf you say? Better make the most of the Winter Olympics’ excitement while it lasts then!

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