Stunning shots of urban foxes shows animal’s brazen nature

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These images capture the increasingly brazen nature of urban foxes as they prowl a city centre hunting for food – during BROAD DAYLIGHT.

The once-timid mammals used to shy away from any form of human contact and would usually only be seen stalking at night.

But more recently, the mammals appear to have developed a fearless streak as third and fourth generation foxes become accustomed to city life.

Amateur photographer Ian Wade captured the foxes going about their every day routine and was stunned at just how confident they had become around humans.

The foxes regularly approached him and in one instance tried to steal his camera bag after luring him away from it.

Ian, 34, who captured the images in Bristol City centre, said: ”I was absolutely amazed at how comfortable they were around me.

”One in particular was completely fearless and teased me by drawing me to him before nipping around me and trying to drag my bag away.

”It seems that the younger ones which ave grown up in the city have become completely non-plussed about approaching people and think nothing of following them.

”A postman in the area told me they regularly follow him on his rounds.”

Graphic designer Alex added: ”I never expected them to be so daring. You can certainly tell the difference between those which come front he countryside and those which grow up in the city.

”They are very cunning and it makes you wonder just how confident they will become around people.

”I’ve spoken to many people about foxes and attitudes vary enormously, from tolerance to others who actually go out of their way to try and run them down.”

Ian has compiled his photographs in a book called Wildlife in Bristol, which is due to be published next year.

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