Stunning New Greetings Cards from Ana Strumpf and Prelogram

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(Ana Strumpf  / Prelogram)

(Ana Strumpf / Prelogram)

The celebrated Brazilian illustrator Ana Strumpf is creating exclusive greetings card designs for leading UK letterpress brand Prelogram.

Ana uses bold colours and patterns to restyle the covers of fashion magazines.

Her striking and playful designs both accentuate and subvert the idealised images of beauty on fashion magazine covers.

Ana’s work is immediately recognisable and has a charm and subtlety which makes it popular worldwide.

Her work is exhibited internationally and, in a twist to the concept, fashion magazines, including Vogue and Nylon, have been printed with images already overlaid with Ana’s artwork.

(Ana Strumpf  / Prelogram)

(Ana Strumpf / Prelogram)

Ana’s first designs for Prelogram are based on black and white publicity photos of four Hollywood screen legends of the 1940s and 50s – Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, and Katharine Hepburn.

Each photo is reworked in Ana’s signature style with striking colours and patterns.

The cards are created using analogue relief presses rather than digital technology.

Ana Strumpf said “It has been wonderful to work with Prelogram, everyone involved in this process has been very enthusiastic and kind.

“It’s an honour to work with a company with a commitment to taste and quality.”

Traditional printing impresses Ana’s designs onto the images, giving the work a crispness and definition that is unachievable with modern digital presses.

Jennifer Crawford, creative director at Prelogram said “We were thrilled when we saw Ana’s designs for Prelogram and the quality of the cards is amazing.

“Our print techniques – traditional letterpress – are perfect for giving Ana’s designs the depth and definition they deserve.”

The cards are available individually or as a complete set of four online at:

Read Prelogram’s exclusive interview with Ana Strumpf’ HERE

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