Students cover friend’s bedroom in tin foil

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The finished product: The students' banter-iffic effort. (TAB/SWNS)

The finished product: The students’ banter-iffic effort. (TAB/SWNS)

Student pranksters completely covered their mate’s bedroom – in 1,600 square feet of TINFOIL.

Bhav Patel returned from a boozy night out to discover his entire room wrapped, including his pens and pillows.

Eleven determined mates, all fellow first-year students at the University of Manchester, spent all night on the joke using 30m-long rolls of Sainsbury’s basic foil.

Bhav spent several hours unwrapping it all and told student newspaper The Tab: “My journey home is a bit of a blur.

“But when I got back to the flat my beer goggles were quickly replaced with panic, followed swiftly by anger.

“I thought it was a spaceship. I’ve definitely got to get them all back, somehow.”

Ash Silverman, one of the pranksters, said: “It was funny. I’d hate for it to happen to me, but it was really funny.”

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