Students at Cambridge University ‘take the least drugs of all undergraduates’

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Students at Cambridge University take the least drugs of all undergraduates in Britain, according to a new survey.

Little over half the student population – 57 per cent – admitted trying drugs compared with 85 per cent of those at Leeds, the highest users.

Rivals Oxford with 67 per cent also come towards the lower end of the list compiled by national student news website The Tab.

They were slightly more than undergraduates at Durham, another of Britain’s most prestigious universities, where 64 per cent confessed to experimenting with drugs.

Philosophy students emerged as those most likely to take drugs, with medical students the least inclined.

Cannabis topped the list of most popular drugs with hallucinogens like ‘magic mushrooms’ and LSD the least favoured.

Nationally, 70 per cent of students admitted trying drugs at least once in their lives, but only four per cent said they need drugs to have a good night out.

The Tab surveyed 5,126 students at 21 UK universities in the second term of the 2012/13 academic year.

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