Student speaks out after selling David Beckham’s £125 charity tuxedo on eBay for £2,600

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A student today defended his decision to buy a tuxedo donated to charity by David Beckham for £125 before flogging it on eBay for 20 TIMES the amount.

Jordan Silverstone, 22, queued for an hour and a half alongside other shoppers to snap up the tailored Savile Row garment last week.

He was among hundreds of shoppers who descended on a British Red Cross store in Chelsea after Posh and Becks donated a host of designer goods to the Philippines disaster appeal.

Jordan Silverstone with the tuxedo once owned by David Beckham he bought from a charity auction then sold on eBay for £2,600

Jordan Silverstone with the tuxedo once owned by David Beckham he bought from a charity auction then sold on eBay for £2,600

But the economics student sparked a wave of  controversy when he put the item up for sale on eBay – where it fetched a staggering £2,600.

Social network users – including Sky News weather girl Nazaneen Ghaffer – branded Jordan ‘shameless’ for cashing in on the sale and called on him to donate the profit to charity.

Jordan claims he bought the tuxedo for dad Matthew’s 53rd birthday but decided to sell it on because he was too fat to squeeze into the slender football star’s clothes.

And yesterday the Nottingham University undergraduate shrugged off the furore and branded his critics “hypocrites”.

He said: “It is absolute nonsense.

“If I keep the suit and leave it in my Dad’s wardrobe never to be worn then that is OK but if I sell it on to a buyer who really wants it that isn’t?

Josh's eBay listing for the tuxedo

Josh’s eBay listing for the tuxedo

“From an economics point of view, it makes complete sense.

“It doesn’t fit my dad so we want to sell it to someone who can get value out of it as that’s better than it being unused.

“I always planned to use the money to buy my dad a new gift and then I’m going to give the rest to charity  – I don’t see what the problem is.

“It’s a bit rich of someone like Nazaneen Ghaffer who goes on exotic holidays to criticise someone for making a charitable donation.

“It’s rich of anyone really to have a go at someone for donating money to charity, we could all give a bit more to charity if we’re honest.

“But it’s up to each person how much they choose to give and they shouldn’t be questioned over that.”

Beckham wore the custom-made William Hunt  suit – rumoured to have cost over £4,000 – at a national newspaper’s military awards in 2011.

He was pictured at the star-studded event – which honours armed forces heroes – alongside The Duchess of Cambridge.

Other auctions have since appeared on eBay after the charity shop sale – with their new owners set to make a fortune.

Victoria’s white platform trainers she wore to a baseball game in June 2007 attracted an opening bid of £1,000 despite being sold for £50.

And another eBay user is selling a pair of Victoria’s Gianni Versace black heels for £330.

Only 150 shoppers were allowed in to the charity shop near Kings Road in Chelsea, as men and women lined up for hours waiting for their chance to grab a bargain.

More than 500 donated items went on sale from just £25, including designs by Dolce & Gabbana, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo.

Victoria, who spent the weekend before last sorting through her wardrobe, has been urging others to follow her example and donate their old clothes.

She tweeted a picture of the clothes before the sale with the caption: “Proud to support @BritishRedCross #ShopDrop Donating clothes for #Haiyan survivors.”

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