Student, 22, who gorged on takeaways loses three stone and becomes fitness coach… after taking up POLE DANCING

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A student who piled on the pounds after gorging on takeaways at university has lost three stone and become a fitness instructor – after taking up pole dancing.

Jenn Brady, 22, tipped the scales at 13 stone and was mortified after doctors told her she was obese when she went for a check-up last January.

She ballooned in weight after snacking on a student diet of crisps, chocolate and takeaways while studying computer systems at Nottingham Trent University.


Jenn Brady, 22 lost two and half stone by taking Pole Dancing Classes

Jenn Brady, 22 lost three stone by taking Pole Dancing Classes

But after deciding to go on a diet Jenn decided to take up the erotic pastime in a bid to lose weight and soon saw the pounds begin to fall off.

Less than 12 months later she has lost three stone and dropped from a frumpy size 16 to a svelte size 10 for the first time in her life.

Jenn, – who is now a fitness instructor – said that shedding the weight was thanks to pole dancing.

She said: “In January last year I went to see the doctor and she weighed me and did the BMI check and said I was obese.

Jenn before her pole dancing weight loss

Jenn before her pole dancing weight loss

Jenn on a night out at university where she gorged on takeaways

Jenn on a night out at university where she gorged on takeaways

“It was definitely a shock. I wish somebody had said something to me when I was gaining a bit of weight.

“I think I’ve always been a little bit bigger but when I did go to university it was crisps and chocolate and eating takeaways instead of proper meals.

“I started pole dancing and found I was able to do some of the moves and had a bit of a natural talent for it.

“It never crossed my mind as something I wanted to do but my friend did it for her 21st birthday party and that’s when I got into it.

“I had in the back of my mind to get into a size 10 dress for my graduation in November and I was thrilled when I did it.

“I joined the pole dancing society at university and then when I finished I joined my local pole dancing studio.

Jenn spinning on the pole

Jenn spinning on the pole

An exhilarating upside down move

An exhilarating upside down move

Jenn shows off her fitness as a pole dancer

Jenn shows off her fitness as a pole dancer

“I go once a week on a Friday and do an intermediate class with my friend.

“It is quite a rigorous workout for the whole body. It works almost every single muscle.

“I enjoy it a lot more now. To do the moves you have to show a little skin because it is all about skin to pole contact.

“When I was first starting going upside down and showing a bit of belly I would quickly roll my top up to go on the pole but then quickly roll it down when I finished.

“But now I’m more body confident and happy to wear crop tops and hot pants.

“For me exercise has to be fun.”

Since losing the weight, Jenn, who lives with her parents in Rugby, Warks., has even won a competition at Bliss Dance Studios where she goes once a week.

She has even gained the confidence to make her own pole dancing video to enter into the Midlands Pole Dancing championships in April this year.

Jenn has also continued to lose the weight by eating healthily after joining her local Slimming World group – which she now runs.

She added: “I feel a lot more confident since losing the weight.

“I probably wouldn’t have entered such a big competition if I was bigger.

“I’m sure I would still be able to do the moves if I was 13 stone but it’s got to be easier now and I am definitely a lot fitter than I was.

“I want to inspire other people to lose weight.”

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