Strip clubs hiring ‘sexy dancers’ among thousands of British job adverts on Romanian site

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British strip clubs are already advertising for Romanian 'sexy dancers'

British strip clubs are already advertising for Romanian ‘sexy dancers’

More than 8,000 British jobs are being advertised on a ROMANIAN website – including nurses, care home staff and ‘SEXY’ DANCERS.

Romanians and Bulgarians are expected to flood into the UK after they were granted the same rights as the rest of the European Union last week.

And website – which is based in Romania – is advertising around 8,000 jobs to lure workers to Britain.

There are 20 jobs going for women with an ‘elegant, pleasant appearance’ while one Birmingham club is offering up to £6,600-a-year for women to work as STRIPPERS.

The site reveals they would earn 65 percent of the fee charged for a dance but would have to pay club owners £80 a week in accommodation.

It also suggests that women aged 18 or over wearing ‘sexy outfits’ could make £5,000-a-year working as lap dancers in Birmingham or Leicester.

A translation of the website reveals in the advert that “English is an advantage”.

The Romanian site also offers care home workers jobs paying as little as £500-a-month with accommodation and meals covered.

One advert for 50 posts for care home workers split between the Midlands and the south offers pay of up to £7-an-hour.

There are also 25 posts across the country, including some in Birmingham, for qualified nurses on

The jobs offer £11-an-hour for newly-qualified staff, rising to £14-an-hour for candidates with experience or £16 to £18-an-hour in the private sector.

Telephone or Skype interviews are even offered for candidates that are not able to attend face to face.

Midlands MPs have reacted angrily to the job website – saying a shortage of training places for nurses had denied young Brits the chance of a career.

Warley MP John Spellar said: “I have been campaigning against the cuts in nursing training places in the West Midlands for some time. This is denying opportunities to our youngsters.”

The Romanian website which already has 8,000 ads for jobs in Britain

The Romanian website which already has 8,000 ads for jobs in Britain

Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North, added: “With A&E units struggling to cope and waiting lists increasing, we need more nurses and I want to see local youngsters getting trained and being employed, but despite all David Cameron’s promises about the NHS, he’s made experienced nurses redundant.

“The number of nurses fell by almost 6,000 between 2010 and 2012 and the number of training places has been cut by thousands as well.”

But Gavin Williamson, Tory MP for South Staffordshire, said the former Labour government had created a system where some people found it paid more to be on benefits rather than in low-paid jobs.

He said: “People trapped on welfare have been unwilling to take jobs that are not the best paying.

“My hope is that with changes to welfare we will see more jobs going to British people.”

Hospitals have also begun seeking applicants for nursing posts from overseas, with health bosses looking as far afield as India, China and the Philippines as well as Europe.

The Dudley Group of Hospitals advertised for 18 nurses but only found one with the right skills and experience so is now looking for recruits from Europe.

Nurses at Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital are being recruited in a £3.6 million drive with 170 expected to come from overseas.

Its chief executive has pledged that any British nurses who are trained and up to the task will be hired but the hospital is prepared to seek workers from Asia because of a shortage in the UK.

But the hospital confirmed it was not targeting workers from Romania or Bulgaria.

Tjobs said that many Romanians would NOT be looking to settle in Britain.

Spokesman Raluca Stefanescu said: “Most of the Romanians choose to leave the country for economic reasons and, according to our statistics, more than 80 per cent are planning to work abroad for a few years, save some money and go back to buy a house and maybe start a small business.”

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