Stressed designer finds inner peace with egg made from WOOD

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A stressed designer has found a way to relax – with an egg made out of WOOD.

Gašper Premoze came up with the idea after becoming exhausted with work demands and ‘information overload’ from modern technology.

The designer from Slovenia created the Zen Egg carved from Walnut,  Maple or Pear wood which acts like a stress reliever ball.

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He is now selling them for $18 each and so far more than 140 have been sold through the website KickStarter.

Gašper said:  ‘I found himself focusing on work for very long periods on a daily basis. Mixed with the overwhelming amount of distraction from the information age, I realised that mindfulness was truly something I had to create time for.

‘In moments of stress I found myself stuck in screens, totally ignoring the fact that my mind wasn’t at its best. After struggling with the repercussions of this, I devoted my time into creating a manifested message.’

Gašper has already acheived his goal of making $2,200 – with half coming in the first 30 hours.

He added: ‘The shape of the egg was chosen based on its familiarity and simple nature. We are tactile creatures; it’s common for us to have something in our hands. I started to realise that every object that we hold is associated with some activity that we automatically start to do. It’s for this reason that I wanted to develop an object for taking time out. ‘

Constructed with a weighted base, the ZenEgg always restores its position after being nudged, moving playfully like a pendulum.

Each ZenEgg is crafted by hand using local hard words, (Walnut, Maple, and Pear) giving a unique finish to each totem. For use as a substitute to the stress ball, as a massage object, or desk toy, it can definitely be said that there is elegance in the shapes


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