Stray puppy baffles vets after eating three pairs of KNICKERS

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A stray puppy baffled vets after they discovered he had devoured – three pairs of KNICKERS.

Staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats home discovered Staffie Barney’s strange habits after he left a larger than usual surprise when out for a walk.

Closer inspection revealed the cheeky pup had eaten a pair of black frilly pants.

Barney the puppy with his favourite food - women's knickers

Barney the puppy with his favourite food – women’s knickers

Concerned vets rushed nine-month-old Barney for an X-ray only to discover the hound had munched down two more black undies – including a racy thong.

Vet Sam Barley said: “We thought we’d seen it all at Battersea, but clearly not. Who knows how Barney came to swallow so many pairs of pants.

“It will remain his secret and we’ll be advising his new owners to keep him well away from the laundry basket and the washing line

“Dogs can often eat the most unlikely things whether big or ‘smalls’ in this remarkable case. Luckily for Barney he seems to have coped remarkably well.”

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Barney was found two weeks ago wandering in Fulham, London, and vets made their first discovery just day days after his arrival.

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