It’s Bethoven’s tenth! St Bernard dog gives birth to TEN puppies in one litter

November 6, 2012 | by | 1 Comment

This St Bernard is being kept on her toes – after she gave birth to a staggering ten puppies.

St Bernards are among the largest dog breeds and normally have a litter of between five and six.

But two-and-half year-old Reyka has her work cut out with motherhood after giving birth to these ten clumsy puppies.

Reyka with her large brood

Reyka with her large brood

The puppies, whose breed are well known for their role in the Beethoven film series, were born in October at the Barry Foundation in Switzerland.

They are currently being looked after by Karen Roduit who spends about three hours each day with them.

The St Bernard Reyka with her litter of ten puppies

Reyka’s litter of ten puppies

She said: “Our tasks do not simply consist of feeding and cleaning. We check how much the pups weigh and touch them regularly so that they get used to being in contact with people.”

The Barry Foundation is in charge of the St Bernard’s hospice breeding centre, the oldest breeding centre in the world for Switzerland’s national dog.

Reyka has been at the centre since the age of one when her owners split up and they were no longer able to look after her.

Manuel Gaillard, dog manager at the Barry Foundation, added: “Since having the puppies, Reyka has become calmer and more grown up. She is doing very well.”

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  1. Joe says:

    Our first female had a litter of 12 but 2 were still born. Our other female had 14 healthy. Average is 9 . Try feeding 14!

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