Spurned lover smashed 28 car windows after being dumped by his girlfriend

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Lewis Webb went beserk with a hammer smashing up 28 cars  after getting dumped by his girlfriend

Lewis Webb went beserk with a hammer smashing up 28 cars after getting dumped by his girlfriend

A spurned lover who smashed the windscreens of 28 cars in the same street after being dumped by his girlfriend has been jailed for three years.

Lewis Webb, 26, went berserk and left a trail of destruction costing thousands of pounds when Elizabeth Rowe ended their brief relationship.

He assaulted her, crashed his mum’s car into a taxi and took a claw hammer to a line of parked cars.

When police arrived Webb smashed a squad car windscreen before officers were forced to use a stun-gun, baton rounds, CS spray AND a police dog to subdue him.

Webb, of Henbury, Bristol, was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to assault, causing criminal damage, affray and possessing an offensive weapon.

Sentencing at Bristol Crown Court, Judge Julian Lambert told him: “You went along a quiet street wreaking absolute havoc.

“People would have been utterly terrified.”

He also imposed a restraining order banning Webb from contacting his former girlfriend for ten years.

The court heard that Webb had only been in a relationship with Elizabeth for seven weeks when she ended it because it was not working out.

One of the smashed cars in Rodbourne Road Bristol

One of the smashed cars in Rodbourne Road Bristol

He arrived at her home in Horfield, Bristol, and found another man there and asked him to leave, only to be told by Elizabeth to leave himself.

Nicholas Fridd, prosecuting, said: “He pushed her, got into his mother’s Toyota Yaris and drove away.

“He drove away quite aggressively and smashed into a silver taxi.

“She called the police. He got out with a claw hammer and he smashed the windows of all the cars in the road, with one exception.

“Police attended, he approached a police car with the hammer and he smashed the windscreen. The front seat passenger was frightened by the glass.”

Webb then threatened to attack “the first one that gets close” with the hammer.

Disabled Chris Monks, 46, whose car was one of those damaged, went to court ‘to look Webb in the eye’ and gave a statement reflecting the impact on victims.

He said many people living in the street were elderly and greatly affected by what had happened.

He told the court: “When you get a person walking down the street, hitting cars and all, would you want to live there?”

Mr Monks added that his own car, a mobility vehicle, was kept in a garage for three days being repaired, leaving him unable to travel anywhere.

Elizabeth Rowe told the court that Webb had affected her trust in men and she now faced eviction.

The court heard that in 2006 Webb was sent to a young offenders institution for seven years after he shot a drug dealer in the leg.

Jane Chamberlin, defending, said Webb had mental health issues and had taken drugs on the day in question.

“He needs help,” she said.

After the case Mr Monks said: “It was excellent justice. I was worried he would get a slap on the wrist because of his issues in the past.

“It was a pre-meditated act. He needs to go away and he needs to have treatment.”

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