Sports fan attempts to break world record for amount of ads on a single jersey

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A sports fan is looking to break the world record for largest amount of brands advertising on a single jersey.

Seun Ayodele dreamed up the idea after noticing that the current record for sponsors on a single sports shirt was just 110.

The ambitious entrepreneur decided he could cram a staggering 7,800 ads onto one top – and smash the Guinness World Record.

The attempt to beat the record for the amount of adverts on a sports shirt

The attempt to beat the record for the amount of adverts on a sports shirt

Seun has now launched the site  where businesses can buy a spot on the shire for $100usd.

He said: ‘One frustrating evening, I came to the conclusion that what I had been doing in business wasn’t working

‘Turning that frustration into creative brainstorming, I jotted down on a piece of paper ideas to raise funds for a business done the right way, centering around a goal to help fellow entrepreneurs, businesses and causes improve their sales, brand awareness and customer base. I wanted it to be something unique, exciting and befitting of a charity program…the result was The Record Breaking Sportswear concept.

‘While I enjoy playing sports and listening to music, my real passion lies in business, technology and finance.

‘With The Record Breaking Sportswear, I am trying to get that much-deserved traffic and/or sales for business owners who have rightfully craved it.’

The Record Breaking Sportswear concept allows companies to buy space on a piece of sportswear and visitors to the site can click on their advertising and/or promotions banners, which are in turn linked to their sites and social media pages.

The intent, according to Ayodele, is to drive traffic to these sites and improve sales, customer bases and indexing on major search engines.

Ayodele personally posts social messages for those who participate in The Record Breaking Sportswear on its Instagram and Twitter feeds, making for what he calls ‘great advertising at a fraction of the price.’

Customers can then edit and change their ads after publishing on, which, Ayodele points out, can’t be done with most other advertising channels once ads have been published, with the physical piece of sportswear ultimately being made and auctioned for charity.

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