They’re spook-tacular! The intricate ghouls’ faces carved into pumpkins for Halloween frights

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These spook-tacular sculptures may look like the work of Hollywood special effects artists but they have actually been painstakingly carved out of – pumpkins.

Simon Patel, 36, taught himself how to create the detailed sculptures using only basic clay modelling tools.

The intricate designs, which Simon spends up to eight hours on, include Halloween favourites such as zombies and devils.

Pumpkin carver Simon Patel with one of his frightful creations

Pumpkin carver Simon Patel with one of his frightful creations

The terrifying face on one of Simon's pumpkin creations

The terrifying face on one of Simon’s pumpkin creations

And Simon also sculpts pumpkin versions of famous characters, such as King Kong and Gizmo from the 80s cult classic ‘Gremlins’.

After he created a line of the carvings outside his home in Walsall, West Mids., several years ago, Simon was inundated with orders for custom-made pumpkins.

Simon with his carving knife

Simon with his carving knife

Simon has now become so well-known for his elaborate creations his neighbours’ children even call him ‘The Pumpkin Man’.

He said: “Some of them have taken three-and-a-half hours while others have taken eight hours.

“I’ve had people giving me pumpkins and asking me to carve them for money.

“I’ve got a couple of orders coming up to Halloween. I’ve already done a zombie for someone who had a party but there might be a bit of a rush coming up to Halloween.

“My kids love them. Other kids in the neighbourhood have seen them and call me Pumpkin Man.”

House-husband Simon added that this year’s bad weather meant that the pumpkins he has been using are much smaller.

He added: “The only problem this year is that the pumpkins have been small.

“I think it’s just been because of the rain. There’s not been enough sunshine.”

Generous Simon donated two of the pumpkins to a local nursery school, and is due to raffle off a further three for charity on Sunday.

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