SPIRT® The Drinking Card Game Launches Kickstarter Bid For Card Game Supremacy

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drinkSPIRIT® is a unique drinking card game that is not only easy and hilariously fun to play, but is also open to non-alcohol drinking players.

FURIOUS KRAKEN LTD, a new tabletop game company, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its unique drinking card game SPIRT® to reach a funding goal of £7,000 by 1st October 2016. In its first day of launch, the campaign already achieved over £1,700 and is encouraging backers to complete various amusing social media and online content achievements in order to unlock new cards through its very clever stretch goals.
Beta testers of the game have said that the product: “Makes drinking over 30 fun again”, “Its rules are easy to remember even after 4 shots of tequila” and “Never has ruining that one annoying friend in a drinking game been so satisfying”.

SPIRIT® is survival game where players protect their own “life shots” while playing cards to remove their opponents’ “life shots”. In order to play a card, the player must pay its cost which can be seconds of casual drink, a shot or even your own “life shot”. As the game supports non-alcohol players, the “life shots” and shots can be substituted for a shot of something that player hates the taste of (e.g. raw lemon juice) while the casual drink can be any drink the player chooses.

SPIRIT® Come in two flavours, SPIRIT® Origin, the original game and SPIRIT® STEALTH, which is a streamlined, simplified version of the game designed for anyone, not just gamers.
SPIRIT® is an independent card game that is currently gaining funding through Kickstarter. It is currently available through Kickstarterbackingat; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/872548847/spirit-the-drinking-card-game

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