Could new smartphone app stop people cheating on pub quizzes?

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Sometimes, change is the result of a response to a problem. Sometimes, it’s a completely natural improvement to the way that we do things.

The changes to the traditional pub quizzing experience brought about by the new smart phone and tablet app SpeedQuizzing are both of the above – for more information see

What was the problem?

Just a couple of years ago, a lot of people thought that the time-honoured tradition of pub quizzing was on the ropes. With internet ready smart phones and tablets becoming increasingly widespread, players could now easily cheat during pub quizzes by making a quick dash to the toilets and looking up the answers.

Cheating in pub quizzes by using the internet on smartphones could become a thing of the past thanks to a new smartphone app

Cheating in pub quizzes by using the internet on smartphones could become a thing of the past thanks to a new smartphone app (Sean MacEntee / Flickr)

Any presumed guarantee of fair competition was suddenly compromised – perhaps fatally so.

How has SpeedQuizzing solved this?

SpeedQuizzing has solved the problem of cheating quizzers in one stroke. The format of the game centres around each team using a smart phone or tablet as a buzzer whilst a quizmaster sets the questions. Multiple choices appear on the players’ screens in real time, so they’re obliged to make their choice and answer each question immediately.

No more scurrying off to the toilet cubicles to frantically Google search the Kings and Queens of Scotland…

What else does this app bring to the table?

SpeedQuizzing has far more going for it besides its cheat-proof system. Its dynamic and interactive graphic interface captures the imagination far better than a pencil and paper ever could have, and with against the clock buzzer rounds aplenty, there’s scope within the game to experience the same thrills which people might associate more closely with TV game shows like The Chase and Who Wants to be a Millionaire than an evening at their local boozer.

Breaking down the pub doors

Not literally of course, but SpeedQuizzing really is metaphorically bursting through the pub doors and bringing quizzing to a broader audience. A recent rebrand and aesthetic overhaul have seen the app warmly welcomed by a number of stylish bars, whilst the engaging and entertaining nature of the experience is now seeing the app taken up for corporate events and children’s parties.

Not only has SpeedQuizzing managed to fix pub quizzing whilst adding a much needed lick of paint, it has begun to spread this great pastime into different parts of society. Thanks to SpeedQuizzing, pub quizzes are never going to be the same again!

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