Skinny jeans voted Britain’s best-loved fashion item (and shell suits are the worst!)

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Skinny jeans have been voted Britain's best-loved fashion item of all time

Skinny jeans have been voted Britain’s best-loved fashion item of all time

Skinny jeans have been voted Britain’s best-loved fashion item of all time.

The skin-tight denim trousers that became popular a decade ago beat classics such as the ‘little black dress’, the biker jacket and even the iconic 60s miniskirt.

Skinny-legged jeans, made famous by the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne, beat all other varieties including flares, boot-cut and hipster styles.

Other loved fashion items to make the top 30 list were ballet pumps, the push-up bra and a classic denim jacket, the poll by the UKs largest online market place, eBay, found.

The maxi dress and leggings which have had a recent resurgence also made the top 30 list.

Staple wardrobe items like a white t-shirt, black blazer and shift dress were also on the list, as was a traditional trench coat and a cosy pair of sheepskin boots.

Completing the top 20 was the popular bodycon dress made famous by the likes of WAGS and the TOWIE cast.

More classic fashion staples that made the most loved list were polo neck jumpers, military jackets and a trusty checked, lumberjack shirt.

The 2000 women polled said that tops made up the majority of their wardrobe, followed by jeans and dresses respectively.

Celebrating the 140th anniversary of jeans, the research reveals that the average British woman spends #33 on a pair of jeans and owns a total of seven pairs.

However, one in 20 females say they had between 16-20 pairs.

Emily Kerr, UK head of fashion at eBay says: ”Jeans are a fashion staple that have well and truly stood the test of time.

”Skinny jeans are a modern twist on the traditional style of jean, but that just shows how the shape and cut of jeans has varied over the decades.

”There are currently over 678,000 live listings of jeans on from fashion retailers such as French Connection, Superdry, House of Fraser and smaller businesses as well as vintage pieces from consumer sellers.

”Over 80,000 of these jeans are in the nation’s favourite skinny style.”

Two thirds of British women said that jeans are the item of clothing that they wear most regularly and 84% of recipients agree that jeans are a classic wardrobe staple.

In contrast, the shell suit was rated as the worst fashion item of all time by a third of ladies just ahead of the 80s favourite – the puffball skirt.

Other fashion horrors to emerge were bumbags, leather trousers and leg warmers.

In addition to cagoules, hoodies and ponchos.

Crop tops and sheepskin boots seem to divide the nation’s fashion lovers as they appeared on both the best and worst list.

*eBay has also teamed up with pop band B*Witched to host an exclusive celebrity auction in aid of UK charity, Jeans for Genes Day.

The group were named the celebrities most associated with their denim style by the poll.


1.      Skinny jeans
2.      Little black dress
3.      Boot cut jeans
4.      Maxi dress
5.      Leather biker jacket
6.      Knee-high boots
7.      Mini skirt
8.      Stilettos
9.      Leggings
10.     Push-up bra
11.     Flip-flops
12.     Wedges
13.     Shift dress
14.     Ballet pumps
15.     Pencil skirt
16.     Denim jacket
17.     Trench coat
18.     Hipster jeans
19.     Flares
20.     Bodycon dress
21.     White t-shirt
22.     Black blazer
23.     Hot pants
24.     Sheepskin boots
25.     Military jacket
26.     Gladiator sandals
27.     Polo neck jumper
28.     Bikini
29.     Crop tops
30.     Lumberjack shirt


1.      Shell Suit
2.      Puffball skirt
3.      Bum bag
4.      Crocs
5.      Leather trousers
6.      Monokini
7.      Leg warmers
8.      G-string
9.      Shoulder pads
10.     Platform trainers
11.     Poncho
12.     Puffa jacket
13.     White leggings
14.     Boob tube
15.     Football shirts
16.     Dungarees
17.     Body
18.     Sheepskin boots
19.     Clogs
20.     Culottes
21.     Cagoule
22.     Ra-Ra skirt
23.     Hoodie
24.     Tracksuits
25.     Tank tops
26.     White jeans
27.     Tie dye t-shirt
28.     Crop tops
29.     Combat trousers
30.     Flares

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