Simple online roulette tutorials can help you earn huge jackpot prizes

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Roulette is an interesting casino games, which is even legalized in some part of the world. This is wheel game and you will find two forms of roulette tables.

The French or European Roulette has 37 coloured numbered pockets as opposed to the American Roulette consisting of 38 pockets.

Basic roulette game online is the 37 colored number pockets European roulette. The main attraction of the game is the roulette wheel, which consists of an inner circle, an outer circle, numbers in red and black pockets, while some roulette wheels have the numbers in steps.

A few simple tutorials can help to win big at online roulette

A few simple tutorials can help to win big at online roulette


In field-based casinos and gambling dens, roulette holds great attraction and drags much crowd.

However, with the advancement of Internet and Computer technology, this famous casino game has become online. You can now play the same roulette game online right at your home or office, at your own convenience. However, it is good to know the basic roulette game rules prior to playing the game online.

Online Roulette game from William Hill is one of the most played roulette games in the Internet. Let us learn few rules about how to play the game online.

Basic Roulette Game Online Rules

It is very necessary to understand about how to place bets. Mentioned below are the rules of placing bets.

• £100,000 is the maximum payout for any a single game. There is no restriction on the number of chips you want to place on each bet area. However, the condition is that the combined total of all the potential winnings should not exceed £100,000 (the maximum payout for any a single game).

• When a single bet is split on the table between two or four numbers, it is called a ‘split bet’. In order to place a split bet or corner bet, you need to place the chip appropriately over the line or at the corner.

• It is allowed and possible that you can choose different stake amounts every time you place a bet. To do so, you just need to place multiple chips on each bet area or select a new chip value.

• The ‘Total Stake’ box placed at the bottom right of display shows the total amount you have staked.

• You can double all the stakes you have placed on all the bets so far by pressing the ‘Double Bet’ button

• If you have justifiably placed your bets, you are happy with it, and want to play with it, just press ‘Spin’ to play the game. Once pressed ‘Spin’, the bets cannot be cancelled.

• At any moment, if you desire to cancel the last action, you need to press ‘Undo’. You can also remove a chip from the table by clicking on it and holding down the ‘SHIFT’ key simultaneously.

• Pressing Clear All Bets’ will remove all chips from the table and start the game afresh.

With basic roulette game online tips, you are good to play the game with full confidence at William Hill; and who knows the million buck jackpot prize money is just waiting for you to grab it!

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