Shopper, 22, asked for ID at WH Smith… to buy two cans of diet coke

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A thirsty shopper was stunned when she was barred from buying two cans of diet coke  – until she could prove she was over 21.

Phillipa Davison, 22, was stunned to be asked for ID at the WH Smith check-out before being allowed to buy the 99p drink – because it contained caffeine.

Former care worker Phillipa was so shocked she refused to produce her driving licence – which showed she was born in 1990 – and left the shop.

Phillipa Davison outside the WH Smith store where she was refused two cans of diet coke

Phillipa Davison outside the WH Smith store where she was refused two cans of diet coke

She said: “I went into the shop because I was thirsty and got a second one as part of a deal they had on.

“But I was shocked when the sales assistant refused to serve me unless I could prove I was over 21.

“I told her I was 22 but she obviously didn’t believe me. She just asked for my ID and refused to serve me because it had caffeine in it and was not suitable for children.

“I must admit I was rather annoyed – I wonder now whether she was new and didn’t understand that Coke was not alcoholic.

“It was ridiculous but there seemed to be nobody else around in the store – they must have all been in the back.

“I’m afraid in the end I got annoyed and put both the cans back and walked out. I won’t be going there again.”

Phillipa went into WH Smith in Warwick just after 2pm on Thursday, September 27, after going shopping in the town.

But when she walked up to the counter to pay the assistant told her she would need to produce an identity card as the drink was not available for children as it contained caffeine.

WH Smith have now apologised to Phillipa, from Warwick, and stated it was not a policy to ask for ID for caffeinated drinks.

A spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that we don’t have a policy that requires identification for selling this product and we are sorry for any confusion.”

Licensed shops are required to check proof of age of they sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 and in some cases 21.

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