Shocking video shows Russian viciously beaten my mob of angry motorists

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This is the shocking moment a mob of angry motorists turned on a suspected drink-driver – with the help of POLICE.

Shocking video shows Russian beaten my mob of angry motorists

According to reports, Moscow resident Oleg N crashed into and rammed more than 20 cars in the Russian capital’s city centre – leaving a trail of damage and destruction.

The 44-year-old, who is alleged to be drunk, is then caught on camera reversing into a pair of parked cars before crashing into another vehicle as he tries to make a getaway.

Oleg is then dragged from the car by police and attacked by furious members of the public who kick him while he lay on the floor.

The video ends with the battered and bloodied Muscovite handcuffed and laying face-down appearing to be unconscious but still breathing.

Source: Life News

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Warning: Video contains graphic images

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