Shocking Footage Shows Live Fox Being Torn Apart By Hunt’s Hounds

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Shocking footage shows the moment a live fox is torn apart by hounds belonging to a hunt.

Shocking footage shows the moment a live fox is torn apart by hounds belonging to a hunt.

This shocking footage shows the moment a live fox is torn apart by bloodthirsty hounds belonging to a hunt.

The sickening clip, which has gone viral after being shared by Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, shows more than 20 frenzied dogs savaging the vixen.

Activists also published a photo, taken after the incident, of the mutilated remains of the animal.

Cheshire Police is investigating allegations of illegal hunting at the meet in Beeston, Cheshire, on Saturday after the footage surfaced online.

But Cheshire Hunt insist they were hunting artificial trails and say a fox was “disturbed” and it was an “unfortunate accident” that the hounds caught it.

The campaigner who filmed the clip, who asked to remain anonymous, said around 30 saboteurs were monitoring the hunt when they heard hounds go into full cry.

“They were in a bush surrounded by water and were attacking, ripping a fox to bits. It all happened so fast.

“I was torn between stopping filming completely and getting the hounds off but I knew evidence needed to be gathered.

“The picture was taken straight afterwards, when the fox was taken out of the water.”

Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs said they did not see how the fox got there but suspect it was bagged and was thrown to the hounds – which the huntsmen deny.

The hunting party left after the incident and police were called, they added.

The animal’s body has been passed to the RSPCA for a postmortem.

SWNS_TORN_APART_02Cheshire Police said it is investigating a possible breach of the Hunting Act and that their inquiry is in the early stages.

Chief Inspector Sarah Heath said: “We are aware of the footage and the allegations that an illegal hunt has taken place.

“Our rural and wildlife trained officers are looking into the allegations.

“It is not a police matter to determine what is or is not hunting, this can only be determined in court.”

SWNS_TORN_APART_01Cheshire Hunt said: “Whilst the Cheshire Hunt were hunting artificial trails on Saturday a fox was disturbed.

“The presence of Hunt Saboteurs who compromised the route of the fox resulted in an unfortunate accident when the hounds caught it.

“It is always our policy to hunt within the law.”

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