Figures show men’s shocking view on what constitutes rape

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Terrifying figures show nearly half of all men think having sex with a woman too drunk to realise what she’s doing isn’t rape.

And 46 per cent believe it’s okay to carry on despite the woman changing her mind during sex.

Staggeringly, of more than 1,000 young men surveyed in London, just under one quarter don’t believe it’s rape if the woman says no at the start of sex.

Now The Havens, a support group which helps victims of rape and sexual assault, has released a hard-hitting video titled ‘Where is Your Line?’ which aims to raise awareness about what is and what isn’t rape.

Funded by the government and Metropolitan Police, The Havens is made up of three 24-hour centres which offers advice and help to men, women and children affected by sex attacks.

Miss Great Britain finalist Victoria Buglioni, who was raped in a nightclub last year, is helping to raise awareness about the consequences of sexual assault.

The brave 26-year-old, who waived anonymity, told Sky News: “It’s not consensual sex unless both parties agree.

“The kind of men who do these horrible things need to be brought to justice, so as hard as it might be, come forward, even if you ask organisations like The Havens to help you.”

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