Share Henry’s Smile : Girlfriend Of Drowned Student Shares Tender Video Of Them Together To Spread The Happiness He Gave Her

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Emma Comley and her late boyfriend Henry Burke

Emma Comley and her late boyfriend Henry Burke

The girlfriend of a student who drowned has released an emotional video of them together and urged people to share it and spread their own love.

Grieving Emma Comley, 20, posted the tear-jerking clip on social media yesterday, almost three weeks after Henry Burke vanished on a night out in Bath.

The rugby-playing 19 year-old, a geography student at Bath Spa university, disappeared minutes after texting Emma to say he loved her.

Pals said he was kicked out of a club in the historic city after stepping between two fighting revellers.

Henry Burke, 19 with girlfriend Emma Comley

Henry Burke, 19 with girlfriend Emma Comley

Police were called when Henry failed to return to his digs or turn up for work as a tour guide at Bath Abbey and hours later pulled a body from the city centre river.

Describing the video as “one of the happiest memories” she has, Emma encouraged her friends to contact their loved ones and “tell them how much you love them”.

The clip, which has already been shared hundreds of times, shows the couple shortly after they first met as they share a heartfelt cuddle and laugh together.

Emma, a sales advisor from Bristol, wrote: “I would just like to share this moment with everyone.

“After we met for the first time in London, Henry came home for my birthday.

“After he left on his train, I was so miserable. I was completely smitten and after the best time of my life, I was NOT ready to say goodbye.

“However, his train was cancelled half way home, and so my darling boy and my family arranged for him to come all the way back whilst I was at work.

“For him to surprise me and stay another few days.

“As you can see by my face, I’ve never been so surprised and overwhelmed in my life.

“This is one of the happiest memories I have left of my boyfriend and I will never forget it.

Henry Burke, 19

Henry Burke, 19

“Just from this video you can see just how in love we were after such a short time, that’s something rare and so special.

“Something I’ll always hold onto. And most importantly you see how happy he was.

“I miss him more and more each day.

“But watching this gives me the strength he worked so hard to give me and helps me to smile again.

“I love you Henry. I’m yours. Always. #RIPmylove – I’d like to ask you all to do two things for me now..

“1.) Contact your loved one, a family member/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend.. And tell them how much you love them. Right now. And never stop. Because it really is true when they say ‘you never know when it’ll be the last time’. I may have been living in a fairytale but in real life, they don’t always have a ‘happy ending’….

“2). Please share this around, there has been much sadness regarding Henry on social media lately, and rightly so. But myself and his family would like to try and replace that with happy memories, for such a happy lad. His beautiful smile is what has kept his loved ones strong, and now we would like to do the same for others who have been affected in any way, to show our appreciation and to give back for all your love and support. After all, helping others is what Henry did best.”

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