Shameless mum-of-eight who moans about her £26k-a-year benefits wants ANOTHER BABY

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Marie Buchan leaves her house this morning after causing national outrage by complaining that £26,000 a year in state handouts is not enough for her and her eight children

Marie Buchan leaves her house this morning after causing national outrage by complaining that £26,000 a year in state handouts is not enough for her and her eight children

Shameless mum-of-eight Marie Buchan who sparked national outrage when she moaned about her £26,000-a-year hand-outs not being enough wants ANOTHER BABY, it emerged today.

The 31-year-old mum used to rake in a whopping £30,264-a-year in child tax credits, child benefits as well as living in a large semi-detached house courtesy of the taxpayer.

But after the Government capped benefits for families to £26,000-a-year Marie moaned she could not afford to make ends meet.

She has even demanded to be moved into a sprawling five-bedroom house to accommodate her burgeoning brood.

Marie, who has eight children with former partner Clifton Bibb Anytime, 34, insisted: “I’m no scrounger.”

Astonishingly, the brazen blonde – dubbed ‘Octo-mum’ by neighbours – has not ruled out having a NINTH child.

And she even says she will keep claiming state hand-outs until her children reach the age of 18 – which could mean she racks up a wallet-busting £500,000 in taxpayer cash.

Her sister Michelle Riley, 35, who also accepts benefits for her two kids, said: “Marie loves kids and would probably love to have another baby one day.”

She boated: “I am on benefits and I have never struggled and Marie has never struggled.

“Everybody on benefits gets paid too much, the only point she wanted to make was that she has received £600 in bus lane fines.

Mrs Buchan's house in Birmingham where she keeps her eight children

Mrs Buchan’s house in Birmingham where she keeps her eight children

“Who would be happy about having to pay that before Christmas – it would be difficult for anyone.

“Now she has received all this abuse just because of benefits. Why don’t people go after the big businesses who don’t pay their taxes?

“But no, instead its let’s attack the little people on benefits.

“She never asked for that money, the Government just wrote her a letter telling her what she was getting.

“She is not and never has complained, if there was the right kind of job which would fit around the childcare she would take it tomorrow.

“She wanted to look into being a journalist.

“She has wanted a big family all her life, if wouldn’t have mattered if she had been on benefits or not.

“We had a big family growing up and that is what she wanted.

“Who knows what the future holds in terms of her having more children. We can’t rule that out and why shouldn’t she have more, that is her business.

“I don’t work because I take care of my kids and my partner works.

“These days no one is taking care of their own children, they are always palmed off to nursery or child minders.

“If I could find a job that would fit around looking after the children I would but the cost of child care just doesn’t make it worth it.

“I think one of the parents needs to stay at home until all the children are grown up and have left at 18.

“In the state of this vile world that is what needs to happen. It worked 50 years ago and why shouldn’t it work today.

“Marie’s partner works and provides for his children, I don’t know how much it is not my business but it is his duty to provide some money for the family.”

Despite insisting how she ‘hates benefits’, Marie says she is entitled to them because she ‘works’ looking after her kids – aged two-months to 12 – up to 21 hours a day.

She whined: “I always wanted a big family and to be a mother but I never wanted to be in this position.

“I try my very best to buy the kids clothes and to give them the best I can, but it is a constant battle.

“I would like to see MPs survive on this amount of money while trying to dress and feed eight children.

“Life on benefits is not easy. I have always hated the stigma around it and I hate to claim them.

“People already judge me for having eight children. Some of the people around here just refer to me as ‘her with eight kids’ but I love my children dearly and would not change anything.

“I get up around 6am, but I don’t usually get to bed until 3am.

“I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, but I drink a lot of coffee and I think that’s what keeps me going.”

Marie lives with her eight children, Tia, 12, Leah, 11, Latoya, eight, Joshua, seven, Alisha, five, Mikayla, three, Amelia, two, and two-month-old Olivia, in a #210,000 three-bedroom house in the leafy suburb of Selly Oak, Birmingham.

Yesterday Marie’s family were described as “typical” of the hand-out culture sweeping Britain.

A disgruntled neighbour blasted: “Everyone knows Marie as “Octo-mum” because she’s got so many kids.

“Unfortunately she is typical of what is happening to benefits in this country. She’s only 31 so God knows how many more kids she’ll have.

“I feel so sorry for the children, how can they possibly get the attention and support they need when there is literally a pack of them in that house?”

She and Bibb, who moved out of the property earlier this year, got together when she was 14 years old and had their first child, Tia Marie, when she was 19.

While Marie looked after the kids claiming child tax credits, Bibb worked and by 2011 the couple had seven children together.

Their eighth child, daughter Olivia, was born in September but now Bibb only sees the kids at weekends.

Marie added: “We just can’t live together and we have had an on-off relationship over the years.”

She now claims she is #82-a-week worse off under the benefit cap which has left her owing money to the Bourneville Village Trust Housing Association who own her property.

She said: “In terms of food shopping I try to go to ten different shops to get the best deals that week.

“It takes longer to find the offers but it’s cheaper and I cook things from scratch.

“I go to the market and they do a half-price sale on meat. I make up batches of stew and goat curry and it makes it much cheaper.”

Every day the family-of-nine go through an astonishing six pints of milk, and a loaf of bread.

She said: “I line up the school uniforms early in the morning and we have four different schools and nurseries to get to.

“I try to stay organised, but I also have some really good friends who have helped me through.

“Even homework and bedtime reading is tough. We usually do it in a queue system, but it’s not easy.

“By the time I have done the housework and prepared for the next day it’s 3am.”
But despite her long days, Marie has been collecting Christmas presents for her kids by scouring eBay and charity shops.
She added: “I don’t know how I would survive without eBay.

“The sofa we sit on was #100, somebody gave us their old TV and the Christmas tree was second-hand.

“Christmas is always tough and I have already had a loan shark at the door. He said: ‘Christmas is coming, how are you going to manage?’

“I told him I wasn’t interested, but it is very difficult when money is so tight and I can see why people turn to them.”

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