SFL Centres Helping Treat Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Utilizing Advanced Chiropractic Techniques

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South Florida Injury Centre’s, a renowned provider of chiropractic care in South Florida and the Treasure Coast, is now building their identity as this region’s most trusted destination for personal injury and auto accident cases. Over a period of seventeen years, they have helped numerous car accident victims on their way to an efficient, effective, and comprehensive recovery.

Chiropractic care is a system of complementary medicine that focuses on the spine and the nervous system to treat the misalignment’s of the joints, particularly that of the spinal column. There is a common perception that injuries caused by car accidents can only be treated by mainstream medical procedures. However, an experienced chiropractor can function as a primary physician to start treating the injuries before any delay whatsoever.

The typical chiropractic treatment of an auto accident injury case starts with the identification of the extent of injuries to the spine, back or neck. The chiropractor may thoroughly examine the spine to find out if any subluxations have resulted from the accident. Based on these observations, the chiropractor creates a treatment plan that may include manual spinal manipulations, therapeutic exercises, electrical muscle stimulation, trigger point therapy and other procedures. These specialized techniques utilize non-narcotic medications that help restore mobility and alleviate pain.


Highlighting the importance of chiropractic care in treating car accident cases, the Founder of South Florida Injury Centre’s, Dr. Brian Wilner says, “Treating the injuries that you have received may be difficult, but a visit to your chiropractor should be one of the first things you should do after your accident. The chiropractors at South Florida Injury Centre’s use a patient-centred approach in order to identify and diagnose their patients’ injuries and to provide appropriate treatment. As primary physicians, they are able to start treating your injuries immediately.”

The no-fault accident law of the State requires the Florida residents to carry personal injury protection coverage.  To find out more about South Florida Injury Centre’s, please visit: https://www.sflchiro.com/

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