Sex pest nicknamed ‘Money Man’ jailed for ASBO breach

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A sex pest who tried to attract women by dropping cash with his mobile telephone number scrawled on it in the street has been jailed for 15 months.

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Weirdo Stuart McGhie, 41 – nicknamed ‘Money Man’ – also stuffed five and ten pound notes in the flies of his trousers in a bid to attract girls on buses.

Pervy painter and decorator McGhie has dropped thousands in cash over the last eight years in numerous failed bids to seduce women.

McGhie was jailed after he admitted breaching an ASBO five times since it was issued in 2002.

The ASBO banned him from letting bank notes fall to the ground, displaying bank notes to another person, communicating with girls under 18 or causing harassment, alarm or distress.

Oxford Crown Court heard how McGhie earned the nickname ‘Money Man’ by police after his cash-flashing antics.

The court heard McGhie was slapped with the ASBO in July 2002 but broke it just months later in 2003.

In May this year cops arrested McGhie again after he breached his ASBO five times in three weeks.

Each time he used bank notes with his telephone number written on the back.

On each note he had written: ”Congratulations. Text this number for more money.”

McGhie targeted the New Look fashion shop in Reading.

He also taped cash to the back of street signs near his home in Oxford in a bid to attract girls.

Pc Dawn Evans, Thames Valley Police’s ASBO co-ordinator for Oxford, said: ”Leaving the money is not a criminal offence, but it’s the harassment and distress that it can cause some girls that’s a problem.

”Some of the girls went all the way to getting the money which he taped to a Church Cowley Road sign.

”The girls were naive and he has got some gratification from this. It is that element of being ‘had over’ by someone taking his money.”

Pc Evans said McGhie will put on a course of anti-arousal pills when he is released from prison to control his odd fetish.

She added: ”We’re hoping he is going to deal with this behaviour now, because he has now had his liberty taken away.

”They are going to try to put him on anti-arousal drugs for three months. He has identified that he does have a problem now.”

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