Sex or Education? 40 per cent of Cambridge University freshers are virgins

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Freshers at prestigious Cambridge University are living up to their strait-laced reputation after a survey revealed that around 40 per cent are still VIRGINS.

A study of first year students found that 38.35 per cent have never had sex, while a further 23.67 per cent have had just one sexual partner.

But despite their lack of experience between the sheets, around 35.35 per cent admitted to experimenting with cannabis.

A further one in ten had taken banned class A substance MDMA while 7.14 per cent had dabbled with the recently outlawed designer drug Meow Meow.

Of private school students, 36 per cent owned up to taking drugs – more than the 31 per cent of drug users from the state sector.

The anonymous survey by student newspaper Cambridge Tab questioned 546 freshers – around one seventh of the new intake of students who began life at the world-renowned institution this week.

One red-blooded male student studying at Emmanuel College said: ”From my first few days, it doesn’t look like Cambridge will be a fruitful hunting ground.”

History of Art students were found to be the most sexually active, with an average of 7.6 conquests, closely followed by Politics, Psychology and Sociology (PPS) with 7.44.

Just 3.12 percent of Cambridge University students admit to being serial shaggers with more than 30 conquests.

Male students have slept with an average of 3.75 partners while female students have an average of 2.52.

The study also found that there were nearly ten times the number of gay male freshers as there were gay females.

Straight males accounted for 81.7 per cent and 92.5 per cent of women said they were heterosexual.

Only 8.96 per cent of men identified themselves as homosexual and 7.9 per cent as bisexual, while just 3.75 per cent of women interviewed identified themselves as bisexual.

Just two respondents – or 0.83 per cent – said they were lesbians.

A second year who previously served as an LGBT rep and declined to be named, commented on the ”tiny” lesbian scene in Cambridge.

She said: ”I’m not surprised by the findings. The gay scene for women in Cambridge is tiny.

”At our speed dating events, one of the biggest in the calendar, we’re lucky to attract 20 girls.

”It’s still more socially acceptable for a man to be gay and far more for women to identify as bisexual – especially at such a conservative university.”

The survey found that freshers had experimented with a range of drugs including Ketamine, Magic Mushrooms, Solvents and LSD.

Alcohol use was widespread with 94.51 per cent of students on the booze and more than half using tobacco.

More freshers from public schools – 8.8 per cent – had tried notoriously expensive cocaine then 6.5 per cent from state education.

The gap in wealth was evident with 36 per cent from state schools admitting they were ‘worried everyone will be richer than me’ compared to just 8.4 per cent from private schools.

The study also revealed that 58.3 per cent of the country’s brainiest freshers were terrified about the workload they faced.

Average number of conquests by subject (top five):

History of Art: 7.6
PPS: 7.44
MML: 6.84
English: 6.32
Classics: 5.73

Drug use in percentages

Alcohol: 94.51%
Tobacco: 54.21%
Cannabis: 35.35%
MDMA: 10.07%
Mephedrone: 7.14%
Cocaine: 6.59%
Ketamine: 5.86%
Magic Mushrooms: 5.86%
Solvents: 4.4%
LSD: 3.85%
None of the above: 5.86%

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