Sex attacker jailed after returning to the scene without a disguise to COMFORT his victim

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Sex attacker Nigel Turner  has been jailed

Sex attacker Nigel Turner has been jailed

A sex attacker who assaulted a woman before returning to the scene without his disguise to COMFORT her and walk her home was jailed today.

Twisted Nigel Turner, 33, dragged the unnamed female screaming into a car park and pulled her to the ground.

He was forced to flee the scene when a passerby interrupted the attack as he tried to silence her.

But chillingly he returned just minutes later in a change of clothes to comfort his frightened victim and walk her home.

The married mechanic, who was “fascinated with large breasts”, also admitted clambering onto a woman’s roof and taking videos of her in her bedroom.

He also crept into gardens to photograph a naked woman in the shower.

Turner, from Bristol, was caught when police found a hoard of women’s underwear – worth #900 – stolen from nearby washing lines stashed in his attic.

When his victims identified the underwear they made the chilling discovery that some were unwashed and sick Turner could only have got his hands on them by creeping into their homes.

He confessed to a string of attacks on women as young as 16 near his home in May and November last year.

On one occasion, he pounced on a 16-year-old victim and held a Stanley knife to her face, forcing her to take off all her clothes and touch herself while he filmed the attack on his mobile phone.

Sentencing Turner at Bristol Crown Court, Recorder Judge Neil Ford QC, said: “The fact remains that you were unable to restrain yourself from committing these offences.

“You are accessed at high risk of causing serious harm to young females in the future.

“I consider that you are a dangerous offender as I assess there is a serious risk to members of the public of serious harm.”

He pounced on his first victim as she walked down a dark alleyway, grabbing her and groping her breasts.

Judge Ford added: “This was a premeditated and planned attack on a young woman you had targeted to satisfy your desire to contact woman with large breasts.”

A year later he threatened a 16-year-old girl in a dark alleyway with a Stanley knife, forcing her to take off her dress and underwear.

Judge Ford said: “You told her if she didn’t, you would remove it. She removed her bra and knickers.

“During this process you were pointing your I phone at her and she is convinced you were filming her, although you deny this.”

Sick Turner dragged his final victim screaming into a car park where he pulled her to the ground, only running off when he was disturbed.

But chillingly he had deactivated the light in his garage so he could slip in the back door undetected – ditch his gloves, hat and scarf – and exit out of the front door, under the guise of a concerned neighbour.

Judge Ford said : “You told her you had heard her scream and you repeated your lies in a witness statement.

“When he left the scene he entrusted you with taking her home.”

Turner was told by Judge Ford he was dangerous and posed a threat to young women and would serve two thirds of his ten-year sentence behind bars.

Speaking outside the court room, James Ward, prosecuting, said: “This sentence properly reflect the seriousness of Turner’s offending and the fact that he has been found dangerous reflects the fact that he is likely to go on and commit similar serious pre-planned offences against young women in the future.

“It will now keep the people of Bristol safe from future harm.”

Turner admitted sexual assault, causing a woman to engage in sexual activity without consent, and committing common assault by beating with intent to commit a sexual offence.

He was also sentenced for three counts of voyeurism and one of theft.

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