Seven-month-old dog has emergency surgery after swallowing a four-inch fishing HOOK

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Milo the dog landed up on the operating table when he swallowed a four-inch fishing HOOK.

Owner Megan Burton was walking the seven month-old Patterdale terrier through a town centre when he suddenly began frothing at the mouth.

She thought he was choking on a stone but when she tried to dislodge the object found it stuck in his throat.

Megan Burton and pet dog Mylo who swallowed a fishing hook

Megan Burton and pet dog Mylo who swallowed a fishing hook

Worried Megan, 21, rushed him to the vets where a X-ray showed the hook and he had to undergo emergency surgery.

The scare happened in Long Sutton, Lincs – three miles from the nearest fishing spot.

Hairdresser Megan, of nearby Sutton Bridge, said: “I took Mylo for a little night time walk around the town centre when he put something in his mouth without me knowing it.

“We carried on walking and it looked like something was annoying him so I stopped and tried to pull the object out of his mouth.

“I could feel some resistance and when my partner came to pick us up, he realised Mylo has swallow a fishing hook with a piece of food on a string.

“We took Mylo to the vets because he was frothing from the mouth and struggling for breath.”

She added: “He had to stay in overnight for observation, but the neck scar is healing although we can’t give him his normal treats because they are hard to swallow.

“I think it’s disgusting that someone could do this to an innocent dog and I just want to make the community aware that this is happening.”

A spokeswoman at Terrington Veterinary Centre said everyone should be careful when discarding sharp rubbish and tools.

She said: “Mylo was lucky that the hook wasn’t a barbed hook which are much more difficult to remove.

“But for a little dog its a nasty injury to pick up when he’s just enjoying a routine walk.”

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