Seafood lover opens oyster and finds TWO rare pearls

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A seafood lover made an incredibly rare find after he opened an oyster and discovered TWO rare pearls.

Lucky David Bartram, 39, thought he was chomping on pieces of shell until he spat out the mollusc and saw the white spheres.

The father-of-two had bought three fresh Pacific oysters from his local fishmongers when he made the amazing discovery.

He found two pearls in one oyster –  known as twins – which experts say is “amazingly” rare.

David, of Crantock, Cornwall, said: “I usually pop in if I’m passing so I ordered three.

“I was gobsmacked when I found the pearls in the last one. Most people just neck oysters, so it’s lucky I prefer to give them a good swish round my mouth.

“I was buzzing at the time. I went to buy a lottery ticket straightaway but it didn’t come up – I think I’d used up all my luck for that day.

“One of my mates has started calling me the Earl of Pearl, because I won’t shut up about it. If they are worth a couple of grand I’ll be more than happy.”

Pearls are formed when a foreign body, such as a grain of gravel or sand, enters the oyster’s shell.

It becomes encased in layers of mother of pearl substance for its protection.  Oyster’s produce two pearls, known as twins, when the grain splits into two.

The find is very rare as natural pearls are normally found in pearl oysters – not Pacific oysters – and can take years to form.

Matt Slater, marine awareness officer at Cornwall Wildlife Trust, said: “I’m absolutely amazed. it’s very rare indeed and this is the first time I’ve heard of it.”

James bought his oysters from E Rawle & Co fishmongers in Newquay, which is run by Gareth Horner after it was founded by his grandfather in 1936.

Gareth said: “We have certainly never known anyone to discover two pearls in one oyster. I believe it is exceptionally rare.”

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