Scots are no longer the tightest Brits

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The Scots are no longer the biggest penny-pinchers in Britain, a study claims.

Researchers found natives of Glasgow and Edinburgh are not even in the top ten most frugal cities in the British Iles.

The study found those who live in Wolverhampton are most likely to keep an eye on their pennies and pounds than anyone elsewhere.

People from the Black Country are the best at bargain-hunting, bartering and making their money last, the study of 3,000 people revealed.

Those in Wolverhampton are also less inclined to treat friends and family to Birthday cards and presents – preferring to save their money for their own personal needs.

John Miles, for, said: ”People in Wolverhampton do seem to have a real knack for keeping their cash close and watching everything they spend.

”And as such, they will have better control of their finances than people living in any other UK city.

”It might sound a little tight choosing not to give Birthday cards or presents, but that doesn’t mean they don’t celebrate with friends and family – there are others ways of celebrating which aren’t material.

”In this modern day and age being a bit tight with money is sensible and savvy – splashing out on purchases, leaving enormous tips and leaving other people to benefit from a few pennies change might be generous, but not necessarily the most clever option.”

The study also showed residents in Gloucester are also careful with their money.

Eight in ten people there would never offer a barman a drink in their local pub while 53 per cent avoid buying a rounds of drinks.

More than half of people living in Gloucester admit studying restaurant bills to check they’re correct, rather than split the bill with their dinner companions.

But shockingly, two in ten people in Gloucester duck out of paying a bill altogether when out for dinner with friends.

In third place was the university city of Cambridge where people are far less likely to splash out on impulse purchases and more likely to collect money-off vouchers.

Falf of residents of Cambridge would only consider buying branded goods in the supermarket if they were on special offer.

Southampton came fourth in the list with just under half of people living there confessing they would never lend money to a friend.

Just under half of people in the sea port city don’t ever put money in charity boxes and six in ten won’t answer the door to people with collection boxes.

In fifth place was Chelmsford – where 27 per cent of residents would rather stand in the middle of the newsagents to read their newspapers, than buy them and take them home.

The Go Compare spokesman added: ”Traditionally, the Scots have a reputation for being careful with their money, but none of the Scottish cities made it into the top ten and nine of the 10 cities listed are Southern.

”But Southerners can actually be proud to know they have a bright financial future ahead of them.”

1.    Wolverhampton
2.    Gloucester
3.    Cambridge
4.    Southampton
5.    Chelmsford
6.    Cardiff
7.    Brighton
8.    Bristol
9.    Plymouth
10.    Swansea

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