Sci-fi thriller Neo Empire could follow the likes of Blade Runner and Akira

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The creators of a new sci-fi film hope that it shows Britain still has the edge when it comes to making thrillers.

Clockwork Brothers Studios released Neo Empire earlier this year and it was recently shortlisted as one of Film London’s projects to look out for. They dubbed it ‘an ode to all the classic cyberpunk films’.

The creators now believe it could follow the likes of Blade Runner, which received critical acclaim in the movie industry for setting a high standard in the sci-fi genre.

Sci-thi thriller Neo Empire

Sci-thi thriller Neo Empire is inspired by films like Blade Runner and Akira

Director Royce Kafi is now seeking financial backing through crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

He said: ‘We realized that the best way to create something of quality is to get the fans involved and make them a part of the project.

‘Through Kickstarter we can give a unique and untainted vision of the movie, listen to what the fans want, and also give out brilliant rewards for all those that support us.’

The cyberpunk sci-fi feature length film, directed by Royce and written by Emay Amore, is set in a world where where the only drinking water is obtained by filtering waste, a futuristic world where the 99 per cent live under harsh conditions.

Human consciousness can be downloaded but is illegal.

Royce said that the movie was inspired by works such as Akira & Blade Runner.

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