Schoolgirl, 12, threatened with detention for wearing the wrong-coloured HAIR BAND

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A furious mum has pulled her daughter out of school after she was threatened with detention – for wearing the wrong-coloured hair band.

Ann Yates, 12, was told to remove the orange hair tie because it did not match the official school colours of black, navy and red.

Her mum Rose, 51, said the incident was the final straw in a string of upsets which have also involved her son Jack, 11, at Gloucester Academy.

Ann Yates with her head bands which fell foul of her school dress code

Ann Yates with her head bands which fell foul of her school dress code

She claims Jack was told off for having hair that was too short, and diabetic Rose was denied a hot meal when she was put in detention for tackling a bully.

Rose, of Tredworth, Glos., said: “I can’t risk sending my children there.

“It’s extreme, but after the way she has been treated I just can’t risk keeping her at that school.

“They moaned about the colour of her ribbon, which is ridiculous.

“They told her not to wear it again or she would get a detention. It’s nonsense – it is only a hair ribbon.”

She added: “I drew a line when they refused to give her a cooked meal.

“They did give her a sandwich but my daughter needs a hot meal every day or it sends her levels all over the place.

“She’s diabetic and it can kill you. I can’t wait to tell her doctor about this when I see him. He will be shocked.”

Rose said Ann was put in detention for punching a boy “who had bullied her”.

Ann said: “I didn’t feel very well in the afternoon when in detention.”

Deputy headteacher Jane Featherstone said: “I am not aware of this ribbon.

“We have a strict uniform policy and, obviously, if the ribbon is too visible then we would ask for it to be removed – but not for a small ribbon.”

She added: “Ann was put into isolation for her behaviour but she was given a meal.

“The children haven’t been into school since last week and we had heard that they might not be returning, which would be a great shame.”

Ann and Jack have been offered places at Brockworth Enterprise School, Gloucester where they will start in the coming weeks.

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