Schoolboy, 15, who shaved his head for cancer charity given a DETENTION

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Schoolboy Jackson Shallcross-Platt who was put in detention after he shaved his head for charity

Schoolboy Jackson Shallcross-Platt who was put in detention after he shaved his head for charity

A schoolboy who raised hundreds of pounds for charity by shaving his head returned to school – and was given a DETENTION.

Jackson Shallcross-Platt, 15, collected more than £700 for Cancer Research UK after three of his grandparents were struck down by the disease.

But after returning to school without hair he was taught in isolation – prompting fellow students to start a #freejackson campaign on Twitter.

His mum Liz Platt said her son should have been praised for his charity effort – not punished.

She said: “I was very cross. Jessie J did the same thing for Comic Relief live on TV. There are kids doing all sorts of things nowadays so they should be proud of him.

“Both my parents suffered from cancer. My dad got to be treated in a new cancer ward and it is money that makes things like that happen. I was very surprised at the reaction.”

Jackson added: “I did not want to cause a fuss. I knew by showing up it would cause a stir but that was the whole point to raise awareness.

“I am really happy with the support I have received from friends and the money I have raised for charity.”

Lesley Young, headteacher at Jackson’s Chailey School near Lewes, East Sussex, said the punishment was not for Jackson shaving his head.

She says he was given the detention for his rude behaviour when she spoke to him about the stunt.

In a statement, Mrs Young said she had been in discussions with Jackson about the fundraising effort but had expressed worries about it happening in the run up to exams.

She added: “I have made it very clear from the outset that I totally supported this charity.

The Facebook page that has been set up in protest at Jackson's treatment by the school

The Facebook page that has been set up in protest at Jackson’s treatment by the school

“We always publicise this through assemblies so that everyone is aware of the context of the fundraising, details of the charity and what we are seeking to achieve and to avoid any misinterpretation by members of the school community who are closely affected by a particular condition.

“Some distress was caused yesterday when the student arrived at school as his planned action was unknown by many staff and students.

“In discussion about this the student was, regrettably, very rude and it was for this reason that I placed him to work on his own yesterday.”

Jackson was allowed back into classes after Mrs Young said the two met and he “apologised for his rudeness”.

Lynn Daly, spokeswoman for Cancer Research UK in Sussex, said: “Our supporters find many weird and wonderful ways to raise money for our life-saving work.

“Head-shaving is one of the popular ways some people choose to publicly demonstrate their support.

“Children are as affected by cancer as anyone else, and sometimes feel very strong emotions about it and want to do something to help, particularly when a close relative has been diagnosed or is going through treatment.

“They often don’t have the funds or the wherewithall to organise events or fundraise on a large scale, so getting sponsored to shave their hair of is a relatively straightforward – and brave – thing to do.

“I’m sorry to hear Jackson has found himself in trouble over this but we are very grateful for the money he has raised and can assure him every penny of it will go towards helping us beat cancer sooner. “

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