Schoolboy, 15, kicked out of class for having a blonde David Beckham-style haircut

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Kurt Hallam with his blonde haircut that got him in trouble

Kurt Hallam with his blonde haircut that got him in trouble

A 15-year-old schoolboy was kicked out of class after he turned up with a blonde DAVID BECKHAM-style HAIRCUT.

Kurt Hallam returned from holiday proudly sporting the ‘pompadour’ style hairdo sported by the footie legend as well as teen heart-throb Justin Bieber and TOWIE star Joey Essex.

But teachers at strict Nottingham Academy branded his blonde streaks ‘extreme’, and placed the Year 10 pupil in isolation before sending him home.

They said the Beckham-style – which includes shaved sides and longer hair flicked back on top with blonde highlights – broke school rules.

When Kurt went to school the next day he was given a red card by teachers and told not to return until he had the streaks washed out.

Kurt’s mum Samantha, 37, blasted the school’s ban on the Beckham hairdo.

The mum-of-two, who is also a hairdresser, fumed: “I think it’s pathetic.

“I don’t understand how they can claim it is too extreme – I think he looked very smart when he walked out of the door that day.

“David Beckham is a respectable father and footballer, what’s wrong with boys trying to emulate that look?

“I work with young children a lot and if they ask for an unusual style we always check whether it’s going to break any rules.

“You see schoolchildren with bright red hair and they seem to be getting away with this.

“We had been on holiday and he decided to have his hair done. It seemed fine to me.

“He has just finished his mock exams and he has now been really unsettled by this.

“I’ve washed his hair and it’s not quite as bright as it was.

“I’ve had a chat with the teacher who was involved but I still don’t feel satisfied with the whole process.”

'Pathetic': Nottingham Academy, the super-strict school that doesn't like pupils having their hair done

‘Pathetic’: Nottingham Academy, the super-strict school that doesn’t like pupils having their hair done

Kurt was first put in isolation last Monday and again the next day – before going home at lunchtime.

Samantha agreed to wash his hair with a special shampoo designed to fade colours – and he was allowed back in class last Wednesday.

Kurt said he felt he had been treated unfairly – and picked on when other boys have the same haircut.

He said: “Other people walk around with similar haircuts.

“I’d been on holiday and was asked if I wanted some flicks in so I thought ‘why not?’

“I’m a fan of David Beckham and I saw that he had the same style so I thought I’d treat myself.

“I never expected to be kicked out of school.

“I think I have been singled out.”

Nottingham Academy, which is one of 17 sponsored by the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust, yesterday defended its policy.

Executive principal Kelvin Hornsby said: “Our pupils are ambassadors for the academy and we expect them to represent us in the correct manner.

“We want our pupils to present themselves smartly as we believe that the self-discipline this requires is an important lesson to learn as pupils will find that there is often a dress code in most places of work.

“We provide very clear guidance to parents in our prospectus and pupil planner and communicate regularly with pupils about our expectations.”

It comes after Beckham, 38, was ALLOWED in to a school – to join in with son Cruz’s sports day.

The ex-England legend – wearing a baseball cap – was pictured racing to victory over other dads at the Los Angeles elementary.

In May this year a school warned mums and dads their kids would be sent home if they turned up sporting ‘Joey Essex’ haircuts.

The Billericay School, Essex, even contacted local barbers and pleaded with them not to give pupils the style.

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