How to scare everyone senseless this Halloween

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Have you ever got so in to the Halloween spirit that you felt like you’d done it all, and were lost for ways to scare your brother or sister, win the costume of the year award or make yourself look as scary as possible? With the digital world forever changing, it was inevitable it would help increase events like Halloween.

The Zombie is always a classic Halloween costume selection, but why not add technology in to the mix and scare the life out of your friends? Morphsuits have many Halloween options, including a ton of superb digital options that can transform your Halloween experience. The iWound is a unique, scary and realistic type of costume choice, with it’s beating heart feature. Which one is for you? Take a look:

The Beating Heart Zombie Male is so realistic that it will frighten you when you look in the mirror. The costume, a free app and the heart device all sync together for the ultimate experience. With technology and Halloween mixing, it’s important to find your way to scare your loved ones, before they scare you!

One of the scary morph suits that are great for Halloween

One of the scary morph suits that are great for Halloween

Other scary ideas

1- There’s nothing easier than scaring a little kid, so if you have any young siblings then this is the perfect Halloween prank for you. Buy some mini plastic spiders and put a few in something you know your sibling will open.

2- Find the scariest (and cheapest) Halloween mask you can and place it in the toilet when its just you and your target at home. Before you leave somewhere encourage them to go to the toilet first, and then they’ll face the shock of a lifetime when they see the scary face looking up at them.

3- Download an app or find some device that makes scary and eerie sounds. For example, the right sound and the right scenario can scare your target beyond belief. Think carefully and enjoy as their face begins to tremble.

4- One of the easiest and funniest ways to scare anybody is ‘The Bin Bag’. Before your guests arrive get a new and fresh bin bag, stuff it with paper or something that isn’t dirty. Get somebody to hide in the bag, and ask your friend later to help you carry the rubbish outside. They will have the fright of their life when a (preferably small) person jumps out of the bag.

So there you have it, a ton of easy and fast approaches that will make this Halloween as memorable, scary and funny as possible. So enjoy the scary movies, eat your sweets and strike fear in to your loved ones. How else would you enjoy Halloween?

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