Scales of bust-ice: Cashier’s breasts add £5 to shopper’s fruit and veg bill

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A cashier dropped a massive boob when she overcharged a customer by £5 for her fruit and veg – because her BREASTS were resting on the scales.

Scales of bust-ice: Cashier's breasts add £5 to fruit and veg bill

The shopper raised the alarm when she was charged £1.79 for a pepper which should have cost 79p.

An investigation by bosses at the Co-op store on Jersey revealed the checkout girl’s seat was too low – causing her cleavage to rest on the scales.

A re-weigh of all her fruit and veg revealed the shopper had accidentally been charged an extra £5.

Jim Hopley, chief executive of Channel Islands Co-operative, said the cashier is ”mortified” by the incident.

He said: ”It was resolved instantly, I feel very sorry for the individual involved but she mustn’t be embarrassed.

”It was an unfortunate incident. The poor lady involved was totally mortified, but the customer rightly was concerned about it.”

The unnamed customer, who was doing her weekly shop, spotted something was wrong after being overcharged for the pepper.

A re-weigh of all her fruit and veg revealed the shopper had accidentally been charged an extra £5.

Mr Hopley said: ”We are obliged under weights and measures law to ensure that things are appropriately weighed when they pass across these scales.

”The young lady concerned was taken aside and the matter was sorted out.

”We have now adjusted the chair. We also checked the til receipt to see if anyone else had been overcharged.

”When the customer asked the supervisor what had caused the problem on the way out of the store, he told her the cashier’s boob had been resting on the scale.

”We asked the customer if she was satisfied when she left and she said that she was.

”The way I considered this was as an operational issue, I should have put my operational people out to deal with it, I even thought about my security people.

”At the end of the day I decided that I’m the most politically correct individual in the business, so I decided to handle the matter myself.”

“It has been very embarrassing for her and she is mortified”

The customer had her £5 refunded but was concerned other shoppers may have been overcharged and wrote to her local paper – causing more embarrassment.

Mr Hopley has refused to identify the cashier involved or which of the company’s nine stores on Jersey it happened in.

He added: ”I won’t identify the cashier by giving her name or the branch of the store where it happened because it has been upsetting for her and it has had an effect on her.

”The HR department is helping her at the moment because it has been very embarrassing for her and she is mortified.

”But I’ve had 40 years in retail and I’ve never come across anything like this before and I probably won’t again because I’m retiring in January.

”The only thing I can compare to this is that we once had a problem with rhubarb.

”Rhubarb sticks are quite long and hang off the end of the scale so they were actually underweighing. Now we break them in two before putting them on the scales.”

“She’s quite a well-endowed lady”

The cashier has since ”gone to ground” to escape her embarassment.

An employee said the woman was devastated as news of the blunder swept through the town of St Helier, Jersey, ”like wildfire”.

She said the woman had since ”gone to ground” after customers and staff laughed and joked about the incident.

”She’s been left absolutely mortified after news got out,” said the cashier.

”The woman worked at this store (St Helier) and everyone know about it. All the customers are chatting about it.

”Personally I think it’s quite funny, but I don’t think she sees it like that.”

Another co-op worker added: ”She’s quite a well-endowed lady and had no idea her breasts rested on the scales as she rung things through.

”Hopefully everyone will forget about it now – she just wants to move on.”

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  1. FirstName says:

    This has the potential of being really hot if the boobies aren’t sagging 10 inches…

  2. Gustavo K says:

    pics or it didn’t happen

  3. Morgan says:

    I bet she felt a right tit.

  4. Un1K3n says:

    Wait – she was charged an extra 5 pounds when the total (after ripoff) was less than 2 pounds? How in he world…?

    Oh, wait…I just re-read. It was ALL her fruit and veg that resulted in the 5 pound overcharge, not just the pepper. My apologies for my too-quick reaction (which I’m not deleting in case others make the same mistake).

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