SAXS eXcites – Curious minds are the engine of innovation in X-ray scattering

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SAXSIn this spirit Anton Paar’s SAXS instrumentation has developed for 6 decades, not only due to high-end X-ray sources, detectors, and sample holders for various sample states, but also convenient and easy to use evaluation software.

With Anton Paar’s modern equipment SAXS, WAXS, GISAXS and BioSAXS studies are easily performed. Diverse sample stages enable users to measure under ambient or non-ambient conditions, with variable temperature, humidity, pressure or tensile stress. Completely automated systems free users from long operating times and increase throughput.

Together with convenient software tools for automatic adjustments of system components, data processing and analysing as well as structure interpretation, X-ray studies have become a method with widespread use for anybody in materials science, structural biology, and medical as well as pharmaceutical applications to determine size, shape, inner structure, porosity, and crystallinity.

Inventive talent and a view to future needs are the basis for offering exciting high-end SAXS equipment at the cutting edge of science.

SAXS eXcites, the International SAXS symposium 2017, from 26 to 27 September 2017 in Graz, Austria will bring together globally recognized key scientists, young scientists, and attendees of complementary fields to reflect the latest trends, offering a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Become part of SAXS eXcites, the International SAXS symposium 2017, and let’s shape the future.

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