Sarah Palin’s daughter in homophobia row

November 17, 2010 | by | 5 Comments

Sarah Palin’s 16-year-old daughter Willow is embroiled in a homophobia row after using the word ‘f**got’ to attack a Facebook poster who criticised her mother’s reality TV programme.

American website TMZ reported that Willow insulted a boy named ‘Tre’, who she went to school with, after he posted a status update saying ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska is failing soo hard right now’.

Willow leapt to her mother’s defence, saying ‘Tre stfu [shut the f*** up]. Your such a f**got,’ (sic) and ‘Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I’ve seen pictures of, your disgusting.’ (sic)

Sister Bristol Palin, 20, who is currently appearing on America’s Dancing with the Stars, also waded in, writing ‘You’re running your mouth just to talk shit.’

An online war of words soon erupted with the sisters throwing insults at other posters who joined in.

Willow said to a poster named Matt ‘you’re effin fat as hell. Stfu.’ Matt replied with ‘Man, these Palin’s really don’t like it when you don’t admire them fully, well Im sorry that people don’t like some programming.’

Willow later declared: ‘Sorry that you guys are all jealous of my families success and you guys aren’t goin to go anywhere with your lives.’

A Palin family source told TMZ that Willow doesn’t usually use homophobic language, and it was simply a case of baby bear defending mama grizzly.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an eight-part documentary following the Palin family and their outdoor excursions in their home state. It debuted on American channel TLC on Sunday 14 November and pulled in 4.96 million viewers.

You can read the Facebook messages here.

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  1. Ddd says:

    forgot? whats bad about that

  2. Ricky says:

    *sigh* this is where us libertarians disagree with the tea-partiers… Even if the kid was gay you shouldn’t insult them about it, it is their constitutional right after all. and speaking your mind, even if it may be negative against you is still a triumph of the constitution as an example of free speech and the 1st amendment. remember guys… “I do not agree with what you say but i defend to death your right to say it.”

  3. Parkplace15 says:

    Why do gay folks get all bent out of shape when someone finds their behavior disgusting? Everyone will not adore you for being gay. It’s just a fact of life. Quit being so sensitive.

  4. Sebastian Knoerr says:

    God save these people from themselves! America, a classless system with no etiquette, grace or decorum.

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