‘Sandwich de France’ : Subway staff build Stade De France replica from sandwich ingredients

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Dedicated staff at a Subway branch have created this stunning replica of the Stade de France – out of sandwich ingredients.

The 'Sandwich de France' replica of the Stade de France - made out of sandwich ingredients (SWNS)

The ‘Sandwich de France’ replica of the Stade de France – made out of sandwich ingredients (SWNS)

The creative colleagues converted 104 subs into a mouthwatering masterpiece measuring nearly 5ft in length and weighing over 600kg.

They used 152 cheese slices, 560g of red onion slices, 1,314 tomato pieces and cucumbers slices stuck together with mayonnaise.

Tewskesbury Subway staff (SWNS)

Tewskesbury Subway staff (SWNS)

The pitch is made of crisp iceberg lettuce while the stands are constructed of Chicken Teriyakl, Steak & Cheese and Italian B.M.T rolls.

After 120 hours of hard work, the staff at Subway in Tewkesbury, Glos., completed their replica – dubbed the ‘Sub de France’.



Worker Honorata Nowak said: “There are some serious football fans in our local store and we wanted to do something a bit different ahead of the Euros.”

The staff were helped by food artist Prudence Staite, who added: “I was delighted to help Honorata, Brad, Connor and Stephen bring their slightly mad vision to life.

“They should definitely take home the title when it comes to fan creativity!”

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