He’s a czar pilot! Russian aviator guides plane on take off runway through 3ft of thick MUD

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Pilots stranded by Superstorm Sandy could learn a thing or two from this Russian captain – who managed to take off despite the runway being covered in 3ft of mud.

Over 10,000 flights have been grounded due to the apocalyptic storm – which has already killed 17 people in America and Canada, including five in New York.

But pilots left twiddling their thumbs in airports around the globe can now entertain themselves by watching the remarkable efforts of this pilot.

The plane churns up the mud as the pilot struggles for take off in Siberia

The plane churns up the mud as the pilot struggles for take off in Siberia

In the 60-second clip, the tiny Antonov An-24 plane can be seen churning up mud as it struggles to build up speed on the runway in snowy Siberia.

Undeterred by the fact the aircraft’s two small propellers are throwing dirt up into the air, the pilot continues to crawl towards the end of the runway.

The astonishing footage – which has become an internet viral sensation after attracting 168,000 hits on YouTube in just four days – shows spectators watching nervously as the plane struggles to maintain speed.

Incredibly, moments before the pilot runs out of runway his 50-year-old plane finally lurches into the air.

One YouTube viewer wrote: “I’m surprised the pilot didn’t abort the takeoff, you have to be pretty skilled to avoid a serious accident in these cases.”

Another added: “wow Russians have balls.”

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