Baby born on the same day as Royal arrival to a mum called KATE WILLIAMS

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A baby was born on the same day as the new Royal arrival – to a mum called KATE WILLIAMS.

Proud mother Kate, 31, had little Joshua just hours before the future King of England was delivered on Monday.

Kate and husband Matt Williams, 27, say they are very with happy their ”own little prince” who arrived weighing 8lbs 15oz – 7oz lighter than the as-yet unnamed Windsor.

Ambulance driver Kate, of Bristol, said: “He might not be a royal baby – but he is our little prince.

“To be honest we hadn’t really thought about the similarities between Kate and us because I thought she was due quite a bit before me.

“It is nice to share the same day as her though – but it is a bit strange. I hadn’t thought about it till my mother-in-law mentioned it and I saw it all on the news.

“I feel sorry for Kate really in some ways – I wouldn’t really like all those people looking at me hours after I had given birth.

“I think you just like to be on your own and get settled first, so I am glad I don’t have all the pressure that she does.”

Matt, a landscape gardener, added: “It’s nice to share the day with Kate and William – we wish them all the best.”

Little Joshua was born at 10.51am on Monday by planned caesarean at Bristol’s Southmead Hospital.

He is the second tot of the family and has a two-year-old sister Maisie.

Kate said: “Maisie couldn’t stop kissing him – she loves him to bits already.”

* Another mum who gave birth at the hospital on Monday was Kelly Lloyd, who had 9lbs son Ashton at 10.31am.

Ashton’s dad Ian is the same age as Prince William and his granddad Stephen was born the same year as Prince Charles.

His great granddad Stanley is 92 – the same age as Prince Phillip.

Kelly, 37, said: “It’s amazing really. It is really nice to share the same day as Kate, because I have been watching her pregnancy all along.”

Kelly also suffered severe morning sickness at the same time as Kate, who was forced to reveal her pregnancy early after a three-day hospital stay.

Kelly, a hospital MRI coordinator. said: ”I was very upset when I was at my local GP feeling so so sick and sent home to get better and she was in hospital getting the best treatment possible.”

Dad Ian, 30, added: “It does make it special. I can imagine how William is feeling. I bet he is going to feel really protective for the baby and Kate, after all he has been through.”

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