Roman Abramovich’s megayacht available for £1.25 million A WEEK

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Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is renting out his ‘megayacht’ complete with missile defence system and 70 staff – for a staggering £1.25 million a WEEK.

Roman Abramovich's megayacht available for £1.25 million A WEEK

Eclipse is the world’s largest private yacht, measuring an incredible 533ft with a 20,000 sq ft interior, the same as TWO London mansions.

It boasts two swimming pools, a gym, hair salon, sauna and even a military-grade missile system along with armour plating and bulletproof windows.

And if security is breached, the occupants can escape in a James Bond-style submarine which can dive to a depth of 150ft.

The Chelsea Football Club owner also had the boat fitted with an ‘anti-paparazzi shield’, which is designed to prevent photography by directing lasers at snapper’s cameras.

Roman Abramovich's megayacht available for £1.25 million A WEEK

But despite spending more than £300 million on the six-month-old vessel, Abramovich is rumoured to have only spent a few hours on board.

So he is cashing in on Eclipse’s potential by renting it to the uber-rich through SuperYachtsMonaco for an incredible £175,000 a day.

The vessel has two helipads and the larger of the two pools doubles as a dance floor when it is drained.

Eclipse has 15 cabins to accommodate 30 guests – all of which have a 6ft wide TV screen and luxury bathroom.

Roman Abramovich's megayacht available for £1.25 million A WEEK

There is also a gym, hair salon, sauna, steam bath and whirlpool.

Abramovich, who owns three other superyachts, ordered the yacht in 2006 and it first set sail from Hamburg’s Blohm + Voss shipyard in June 2009.

The boat maker carried out further testing before Abramovich took delivery of his flagship yacht in December last year.

The Russian owner was criticised last month when the huge yacht moored unannounced in Venice.

Locals and tourists complained that the 162.5 metre vessel was ruining the view of area’s idyllic views.

To keep the boat running, Abramovich employs 70 members of staff with annual costs estimated to be around £50 million. Filling the fuel tank alone costs £400,000.

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  1. Garycotton2009 says:

    1.25 million a week ! ill take all july august and september ! well cheap !

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