Last picture of hero husband stabbed to death in St Lucia while defending his wife from robbers on their yacht

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This is the last picture of hero husband Roger Pratt taken just hours before he was stabbed to death while defending his wife from robbers who stormed their yacht in the Caribbean.

Roger, 62, was attacked on board his luxury 41ft-long craft which was moored on the Caribbean island of St Lucia at 11pm on Friday.

Brave Roger tried to fight off three men who raided the £200,000 ‘Magnetic Attraction’ vessel but was beaten and knifed several times before being thrown overboard.

The last picture taken of Roger Pratt shows him next to a horse in St Lucia

The last picture taken of Roger Pratt shows him next to a horse in St Lucia

His devastated wife Margaret, 60, found his dead body floating in the water a few minutes after the horrific attack.

Today the last picture of Roger emerged showing him walking next to a horse on the day he died.

Margaret posted the idyllic snap on their blog – which she wrote to keep friends back in the UK up-to-date with their around-the-world trip of a lifetime.

It also emerged that Roger tackled the thieves despite having several cracked ribs and glass embedded in his foot following an accident on deck weeks earlier.

Writing just hours before Roger was killed, Margaret revealed her husband was going to have the glass removed on Saturday.

Roger, front right, and Mary, back left, with two friends

Roger, front right, and Mary, back left, with two friends

Tragically, in her last blog entry Margaret revealed the couple had planned to leave the area three days earlier but had been delayed by HM Customs because an Immigration Officer had failed to go into work.

Week earlier, the couple had expressed concerns about safety in the area with Roger even attending a specialist course designed to help sailors protect themselves against thieves.

Margaret wrote in November: “Today Roger went to a session on Piracy and found it interesting in terms of practical tips.

“The must-have accessories are motion sensors linked to an app of a loud barking dog to deter intruders. It makes sense!”

It is not clear whether Roger attempted to tackle the thieves single-handed after being woken by the dog-barking app when he was attacked on Friday night.

While they were in Martinique in late December they appeared concerned that youths watching a firework display in smaller boats might rob them.

Margaret wrote: “Roger was up until after midnight to protect the boat. I tried to sleep fully dressed waiting for the call to repel boarders.”

And on New Year’s Eve in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, Margaret revealed they left a beach party before midnight after a fellow yacht-owner “felt nervous that it could turn ugly.”

Weeks before his death, Roger even joked on the blog about a “watery grave” when he described cleaning the boat of fish.

Margaret was released from hospital on Sunday (19/1) and returned to the boat, according to her sister Jenny Riley.

The yacht was moored up next to a police boat yesterday (Mon) as officers continued to question three men in connection with the murder.

Tragic Roger was an engineer as well as a director of a management consultancy with his wife.

The couple lived in a #550,000 home in Moreton Morrell, Warks., where neighbours said they spent much of their time on the yacht they purchased 12 years ago.

Reverend John Parker, from Moreton Morrell Holy Cross Church, said: “It’s been a huge shock for everyone.

“When Margaret does return home, the community here will give her all the support she needs. We said a special prayer for her during our service on Sunday.”

Neighbour and friend Lavinia O’Shaughnessy said: “I’ve known them since we have lived here.

“Roger was away so much because he was always working on their boat. I think they first had the boat in the Isle of Wight because she had a flat there and then they moved it to Norfolk.

“He was down there most weekends and she is so career driven so was very busy working.

“They didn’t have any children but she was so career focused.

“She was very forthright and I can imagine her putting up a fight when this happened.

“Margaret would not have let anyone do this just sitting down. She is a strong character.

“I don’t think they were concerned about what would happen to them on their trips.

“They just set off. Their boat was their pride and joy – particularly Roger’s. It was his retirement project to do all the work to it.”

Another neighbour added: “She was obviously highly intelligent and a hard worker.

“Boating was what they loved doing. They had planned the trip for several years. It was their lifetime ambition.

“They were very fit people, you have to be with a hobby like that.”

“Margaret used to go running when they were here. She seemed very fit.

“Roger must have been a strong bloke – he did a lot of the home improvements on their property which is now rented out. He lifted a garage door into place by himself.”

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