Rocket launcher seized from property in suburbia

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Residents on a quiet suburban street were stunned after police found an arsenal of weapons in a property – including missiles, grenades and ROCKET LAUNCHERS.

Armed officers and an Army bomb squad uncovered more than 30 firearms during an early-morning raid on the semi-detached house in Worcester.

Local residents watched in disbelief as police carried out guns, rockets, shells, rocket launchers, grenades and ammunition.

The owner of the property, local gun club chairman Graham Lane, 65, was arrested on suspicion of possessing an illegal firearm and bailed.

Neighbours said they had previously seen him wheeling a CANNON out of the house.

Mr Lane today insisted the weapons are fully licensed and only used for historical battle re-enactments.

Speaking after being released from police custody, he said: ”I carry out historical re-enactments and everything I have here is fully licensed.

”There are other matters ongoing with the police at the moment but I do not want to talk about them.”

The residents of Kilbury Road gathered in their gardens to watch as the drama unfolded at 8.45am on Monday.

Police carried out guns, rockets, shells, rocket launchers, grenades and ammunition, before bagging it up outside the house.

Events took an even more bizarre turn when bomb disposal experts arrived on the scene – rushing a remote controlled investigation robot into the house.

Inspector John McKay, from the West Mercia force, said: ”During our search we discovered some munitions.

”We asked the Army to come in and keep them safe for us.

”The only reason the Army has been called is because they have the experts to handle the munitions.

”I’m not qualified to say what the munitions are.”

Insp McKay declined to confirm how many guns and other weapons had been seized.

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  1. Fied_995 says:

    Ummm, the pic is of a grenade launcher, NOT a rocket launcher. Kinda misleading….

  2. Jclisn says:

    i don’t give a crap what the army has to help out in a situation like this. They ARE NOT allowed to police the city streets! EVER! something must be done.

  3. Project23 says:

    Jclisn, the army was called in to remove munitions, not police the area. I would not expect local police to know how to properly handle weapons they would have never seen before.
    And I agree with Fied, the picture is of a Grenade Launcher (Looks somewhat like a Milkor MGL). Also, that picture is a 3d rendering, its not even a real picture. :/

    • d00d says:

      Yeah, it was a 3D rendering from Halo, no less. I notice this is the 3rd picture for this article since I first saw it this morning

  4. Bullsballs says:

    so they nabbed a bunch of inert replicas and training props, big deal…
    Next they will confiscate pictures and call them WMD’s…

  5. Lionel says:

    Haven’t you ever heard of the Second Amendment?

  6. Ultramonkey5000 says:

    Wow, the uninformed hysteria button still works. I’m willing to bet that all of this stuff turns out to be inert and/or perfectly legal, and the police wind up issuing him some BS ticket just to save face.

  7. Uda97 says:

    i was the bomb squad that responded we get called in when the police find something that they dont know what it is because the police have plenty to to with out years of traning lerning all the exposives and to use the equipment we use.

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