Robber-attack granny praised as community hero

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The have-a-go pensioner who defeated a gang of armed robbers at a Northampton jewellery shop has been named locally as Ann Timson.

Robber-attack granny Ann Timson praised as community hero

Mrs Timson, in her seventies, is a well-known community stalwart in her home town, according to neighbours.

She is credited with cleaning up a dilapidated block of flats and regularly checking in on vulnerable neighbours.

The fearless OAP is believed to be a resident of St Stephens House, Northampton, where residents say she is ”at the heart of the community”.

Nicholas Welch, 31, a quality controller, who lives in the same block of flats as the courageous pensioner, said she had improved the neighbourhood.

He said: ”She’s lived here a long time and has lot of pride in the area. It’s changed since she’s been here.

”She’s at the heart of the community and a warden at St Stephens Block. She makes sure old people are all right.

”She distributes leaflets for certain events going in the block and also leaflets if there are any problems like rubbish distribution.

”This used to be a proper dive with people taking crack and everything inside the stairs.

”Then we had the introduction of all these green railings and bars stopping people from getting between the blocks of flats. Some of that was down to her.

”The city council clean but she is like a quality controller. She has been a part of trying to change the area.

”She gets involved in everything. She’s a really good community member.

”If someone moves in they get a letter and she organises walks around the area. It’s not perfect now but more perfect than it was.”

Robber-attack granny Ann Timson praised as community hero

Neighbours say that Mrs Timson has lived alone in the block for 12 years and is a mother-of-two with one grandchild.

Her daughter, who lives in America, is rumoured to be flying to England today to look after her mother.

The kind-hearted former warden for pensioners and the disabled worked for more than 20 years for a local authority in Northamptonshire.

She lives in the same block of flats where cartoonist Alan Moore, who penned V for Vendetta, grew up.

One local resident said: ”She has been in many crime fighting meetings as the local representative.

”She’s fronted up drug dealers in the past. She’s taken photographs of car license plates to gather evidence.

”She’s a busybody in a good way and a credit to the community.

”Historically, Spring Boroughs has been associated with prostitution and drugs. I have found a crack addict in my stairwell once.”

Mrs Timson is a member of the Spring Boroughs Residents Association and part of the Semilong Community Forum group.

One anonymous neighbour added: ”For more than 20 years she has been a warden to the pensioners and disabled residents and she used to go round regularly and help them.

”She carried out daily rounds to check up on people in two blocks of flats.”

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  1. Tonicg2001 says:

    This article is disgusting! This lovely old lady has done a wonderful job for the community and you should at least render her the right to remain anonymous! God knows what those men are capable of and now you are broadcasting her address on the internet for everyone to see! Four men have been arrested and two are still free what if they want to get even with her? I dearly hope nothing comes of this for the old lady but if it does I hope “Jessica Bateman” is to blame for seeking out such confidential information!

  2. SID says:

    I am so proud of this lady, its about time the people of Northampton started to stand up for our oap,s, she got stuck in.
    And many must have stood there and watch as a little old lady floored at least two of these skum bags, she has nothing to fear ill stand out side her house and make sure she is safe, as she made sure we where safe. and the people of Northampton are very proud of you.

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