Revolutionary Oomph Coffee Device a Smash with KickStarter

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Today the highly successful Oomph Kickstarter project has reached its target meaning entrepreneur Matthew Deasy can now make his dream of home brewed barista quality coffee a reality.


Yes, believe it or not barista standard coffee will now be achievable at home and not only that, it will be a completely portable device.

The Oomph coffee team reached their target of £26,000 at 19/12/15 (15 days before the campaign end date) meaning the Oomph portable coffee maker and travel cup device has now gone into production with the first retail versions of this unique coffee product being ready in April 2016.

Frustrated by the quality of coffee brewed at home Matthew Deasy, a coffee engineer decided to make a change. Five years, and many prototypes later, Deasy has made this dream a reality with his revolutionary Oomph coffee device.

Speaking about the Oomph Deasy explains, “I had tried all sorts of different coffee machines at home, from expensive ones to those which were classed as technologically advanced.

“I’d be anticipating great things but nothing ever quite hit the mark.

“The coffee was always lacking in flavour, bitter or simply was too complicated and time consuming to brew.”

The Utopia for Deasy was a device that was simple, produced amazing coffee and could replace the daily café visit.

So in 2011 he set out to design the perfect device and the Oomph was born. Anexperienced coffee designer, Deasy designed a device that coffee could be both brewed and drunk from and made the device portable.

The Oomph Kickstarter programme is well on the way to becoming Manchester’s most successful product design launch for the Kickstarter platform. This is a fantastic achievement which is testament to the demand for a quality, portable coffee making and drinking device.

The Oomph team has spent the last 6 month speaking to coffee lovers and experts about the device and have had fantastic feedback. After thoroughly testing the Oomph, Jonny England, WBC judge said, “I would definitely buy the Oomph… it produces a great cup…I love that you can make the coffee in the device and go straight out.” He praised the body, flavour and clarity of the coffee produced.

Matthew Deasy and the Oomph team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the Oomph Kickstarter project. Deasy says, “You have all made a dream come true and I am looking forward to sharing fantastic quality, portable coffee with all of you in 2016.”

What’s different about this device is that it is completely portable; the coffee can be made, transported and drunk from the one device (whilst remaining hot). It’s also accessible to anyone, coffee expert or not, fantastic taste can be achieved by using any type of grain or flavour style of coffee.

Missed the Kickstarter stage? Don’t worry the Oomph will be available to pre-order online from January 2016 via

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