Reindeer with no horns gets his very own antler TOUPEE in time for Christmas

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A young reindeer whose horns didn’t grow in time for Christmas is now enjoying leading a sleigh parade – after its owner made her this bizarre antler wig.

Kind-hearted Trevor Hill, 47, painstakingly crafted the unique toupee out of fake fur and old antlers so reindeer Kate could appear at local Santa’s grottos.

The six-month-old’s antlers should have grown in time for her to lead a procession of 14 reindeers to star in Christmas performances in front of thousands of excited children.

Kate the Reindeer without her horns

Kate the Reindeer without her horns

Kate with her antler toupee

Kate with her antler toupee

But rather than disappoint the kids, Trevor spent hours in his workshop perfecting the fake headgear.

Trevor said: “People don’t even notice that she’s got anything other than real antlers which is the mark of how good the toupee is.

“No-one knows when she is out and about during the shows – you can’t tell the difference. She looks a lot happier now, at first she really looked like the odd one out.

Proud owner Trevor Hall with Kate, who can now appear at local Santas' grottos

Proud owner Trevor Hall with Kate, who can now appear at local Santas’ grottos

“But I didn’t want to disappoint the kids and she can now proudly lead the group as the head of the procession and leads the male reindeers around who pull the sleigh.

“We have got 14 reindeers and we use them for Santa’s grottos, special appearances and things like that.”

The unusual wig was made from old antlers belonging to fellow reindeer Will before being attached onto a metal frame and secured with a leather strap.

Trevor runs an animal sanctuary from his home in Bromyard, Herefordshire, where he lives with his wife Julia, 40, and two boys Stephen, 17, and Christopher, 12, which also houses wild birds and reptiles.

Trevor revealed how Kate the reindeer was named after The Duchess of Cambridge after being born on the anniversary of the Royal Wedding.

Kate’s fake antlers come from those shed by fellow reindeer Will, named after Prince William, who was born the morning of April 29, 2011 – they day the Royal couple got hitched.

Trevor added: “I guess its quite fitting that out of 14 reindeer it was Will who gave up his antlers for Kate .

“Will was born at 8.30am on the morning of the Royal Wedding.

“But we couldn’t believe it when we had another born on the anniversary this year  –  we just had to call her Kate.

“They are brother and sister though.”

Some of Trevor’s other reindeer are named after Scooby Doo characters – his son’s favourite cartoon.

He added: “We had Scooby and Shaggy imported from Sweden six years ago.

“We eventually got the entire cast with Daphinie, Velma and Fred.

“Its great for the kids as they all can identify with cartoon characters.

“Daphinie is actually Kate and Will’s mum.

“There is another member of the team who is white so the boys called him Casper.

“But Most of the girls are named after flowers such as Lilly, Poppy and Rosie.”

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