Rare green fanged spiders found in home

October 4, 2010 | by | 6 Comments

A teenager was left terrified today after she found a cluster of spiders – with luminous GREEN fangs.

Spooked Jessica Buston, 13, found the rarely-seen segestria florentinas living in a hole in the wall of her home in Exeter, Devon.

She discovered eight of the creatures – which have an inch-long body and can deliver a nasty bite.

Jessica said: ”They are black all over and have two green fangs, which make them look really scary.

”We found them living in holes at the back of our house. I was a bit scared.”

Dad Mark, 40, said he was happy for the spiders to remain at the house because their bite is non-venomous.

He added: ”The fangs are really luminous and when they are sitting in their holes, you can just see these two green fangs.”

Experts say the creepy spiders originated in the Mediterranean and northern Africa and made their way across to Britain on cargo ships.

Naturalist Kelvin Boot said: ”This is one spider that can bite. It bites in defence so if you pick one up, or if it gets caught in your clothing, you are likely to get nipped.”

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  1. Phillyredsox says:


  2. MojaveMike says:

    I have those in my back yard in orange, california

  3. Stevieb says:

    that’s a nifty little spider…..like the fangs, looking forward to finding one!

  4. Kayleigh says:

    sickkk keep it that sick brap

  5. Cheetobandito87 says:

    ive had those in my house in san diego, ca

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